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The Washington Post's Marc Kauffman writes up Tuesday's ruling by a federal judge in San Francisco that the Partial Birth Abortion Act is unconstitutional. The decision by U.S. District Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton "specifically prohibits the Justice Department from enforcing the law at any of Planned Parenthood's 900 clinics, which perform about half the nation's abortions. Planned Parenthood physicians who perform the procedure outside the organization's clinics also are protected." LINK

USA Today's Richard Willing wraps the ruling as well. LINK

Big casino budget politics:

The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports that House Republicans will take up a constitutional balanced budget amendment this year for the first time since it was a central part of the Contract with America in 1995. LINK

Big casino budget politics: Medicare:

Con artists in Iowa are taking advantage of confusion over new Medicare laws, charging senior citizens $99 while pretending to give advice on choosing a card, according to the Des Moines Register. LINK

More Medicare fraud. In West Virginia, the state AARP began a new project on Tuesday to root out rampant Medicare billing abuse. LINK


The Wall Street Journal's Shailagh Murray surveys the Democratic anti-Nader groups and Notes a consensus to handle the long-time consumer advocate in a different and better way than Al Gore did.

The conventions:

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein reports, "The city of Boston has agreed to speed up its consideration of protest permits for the Democratic National Convention, as part of a legal settlement reached yesterday with a coalition of antiabortion groups." LINK

Klein also reports in a separate story that Kerry's "fund-raising team has helped open the spigot of private donations to the Democratic National Convention, bringing local event organizers within $1.7 million of fulfilling their cash commitment with 55 days to go." LINK

The Boston Globe's Yvonne Abraham reports that President and Sen. Clinton "are set to appear at a long list of hot-ticket events during convention week: a lavish, 500-guest party in their honor on Sunday night; a book-signing for Bill Clinton's much-ballyhooed memoir, out June 22, and his wife's own best-seller; a prime-time convention speech by the former president on Monday night. And their attendance is expected, and highly coveted, at several more soirees through the week." LINK

The Boston Herald's ed board tees off on the idea of who will ultimately pay for the proposed free downtown subway service during the convention. LINK

A day after the Democrats announced their new convention blog, the team putting together the GOP convention is unveiling its re-designed Web site. (

One highlight: "GOP Live," a section devoted to interactive features including Web chats and radio interviews. During the week of the convention, "GOP Live" will be the forum for live Webcasts and special video features.

Third Day bass player Tai Anderson will take part in one such Web chat this week. He'll answer questions about youth involvement with the convention and MTV's "Stand Up and Holla!" essay contest on Thursday, June 3 at 10:00 am ET.


Richard Campagna of Iowa City, Iowa, accepted the Libertarian Party's nomination for vice president this past Sunday. LINK

Will this become an '06 election issue? The Wall Street Journal is on the trail of why Eliot Spitzer "spared" Carl McCall from scrutiny.

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