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GOP candidates for Senate forumed in Orlando yesterday. LINK

The top two candidates, Messiuers McCollum and Martinez, highlighted their connections to Washington.

The Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt profiles the nasty Rpublican Senate primary contest in Pennsylvania.

The politics of immigration:

Colorado GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo is known nationally for his concern about immigration and his advocacy for term limits. The latter has trumped the former. LINK


Having proved himself an effective city manager, The New York Times ' Steinhauer looks ahead to one of Michael Bloomberg's biggest challenges as he embarks upon his re-election campaign. LINK

"The challenge for Mr. Bloomberg now as he lays the groundwork for a re-election bid is to prove that he can be a charismatic leader as well. In recent weeks, it has become clear that Mr. Bloomberg is making a concerted effort to persuade New Yorkers that he can fulfill the role of cheerleader, bully, baseball fiend, loudmouth and shameless advocate for a city that determinedly demands such élan from their mayor."

In a letter to the editor, a young woman from Pennsylvania writes that she will not be voting this election, despite it being her first election being eligible. "I care very much about the future of our country. But as a young female, I have a hard time believing that any of these politicians truly cares about my age group's votes." LINK

No, it's not an Onion parody of that type of letter.

Some sunny Q-poll numbers for Rudy. LINK

Howard Dean supporters, check your inboxes this morning for a minute-and-a-half video e-mail from Howard Dean and Kate Michelman urging folks to help bring a "historic turnout" to NARAL's "Pro-Choice March for Women's Lives" on April 25. Dean: "Wth personal privacy and a women's right to choose under attack like never before it is time to make our voices heard again." Says Michelman, "Pro-choice Americans must stand up and be counted before it is too late."

The morning shows:

The morning shows led with a combination of Osama bin Laden's new tape, updates on hostage situations in Iraq and the emotional memorial service for Michelle Witmer, who was killed in Iraq last week and whose two sisters are deciding whether to continue their tours in Iraq.

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Sen. Joe Biden previewed the "last chance to get it right" speech he will give about Iraq today. He told Charlie Gibson that the president should authorize more firepower and reach out to allies. On the "Today Show," Republican Sen. Richard Shelby repeated his pointed criticism of CIA Director George Tenet on NBC, saying that while it "may take George Tenet five years" to revamp the intelligence services, as Tenet told the 9/11 commission yesterday, "maybe somebody can do it quicker."

Treasury Secretary John Snow appeared on CNN and Fox on this Tax Day to tout the president's economic policies. On "Fox & Friends," he said Americans never like April 15 but "April 15 is a better day this year because the tax bite is so much smaller."

And Charlie Gibson interviewed Staff Sgt. Michael McNaughton, who lost his right leg in Iraq and ran with President Bush around the White House yesterday.

Democratic National Convention:

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