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Later in the story, the writer Notes that the People for the American Way Foundation is among those sponsoring the drive.

The Reno Gazette-Journal's Carla Roccapriore reports on the negative effects of high gas prices on local businesses. LINK

The Portland Oregonian's James Mayer reports that the state legislature is considering two major reform proposals: a state sales tax and strict spending limits. LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Sue Kiesewetter Notes that the Lakota school district, one of Ohio's top rated school ditstricts, will have larger class sizes next year as it is forced by budget problems to lay off teachers. LINK

Jacob Schlesinger of the Wall Street Journal spent some two hours with a Pennsylvania focus group. "Both foreign-policy concerns and lingering economic woes are sowing doubts about Mr. Bush, even among those who voted for him in 2000. Yet the president's Democratic rival hasn't filled in the blanks in voters' minds about him."

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Polman reports that a recent focus group of Pennsylvania suburbanites showed that "the war in Iraq threatens to become Bush's albatross." LINK

Jo Mannies asks: "Is an expired drivers license a proper form of identification for Missouri voters to use at the polls to cast ballots? Secretary of State Matt Blunt, a Republican, says it is. St. Louis County Elections Director Judy Taylor, a Democrat, says it isn't." LINK

Kerry will be in Phoenix on May 7 for the DLC's national "conversation." LINK

As BC04 opened its Manchester headquarters yesterday the Kerry camp turned an empty space into a "'Bush History Museum.'" LINK

The AP sums up New Mexico Gov. Richardson's plan to make his state the "'solar energy capital of America.'" LINK

Shea Andersen of the Albuquerque Tribune reports that limited funds are delaying the Kerry camp from opening an office in the state to compete with BC04, whose office has been "open for more than a month." LINK

The FEC and political committees: Day two …

We often wonder: what does Bob Bauer think?

And wonder ceases: LINK

One thing to come out of the first day of hearings at the FEC is that the May 13 vote is a date that may not hold. LINK

There is no love lost between Bradley Smith and Ed Gillespie.

The Washington Post's Birnbaum observes "the GOP chairman of the Federal Election Commission gently admonished the Republican National Committee for declining to testify yesterday at a hearing about proposed rules to restrict fundraising and spending by independent political organizations." LINK

The RNC initially asked to testify in favor of restricting 527s, but it withdrew its request Friday. Charles R. Spies, the RNC's election law counsel, complained in a letter to the commission that too much of the hearings' focus was on nonprofit groups other than 527s. Spies said the shift in emphasis was a 'cynical diversionary tactic' that undercuts the commission's main task: to decide how best to restrict 527s."

USA Today's Jim Drinkard projects that the FEC is unlikely to make a quick decision on how to regulate the 527 groups, making it unlikely the federal regulators will be able to hinder the anti-Bush interest groups in time to affect the election -- much to the dismay of the Republicans. The bi-partisan commission members don't think the ruling date of May 13 gives them adequate time to get enough votes on either side. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate

Watch the campaigns for their first quarter numbers today …

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