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From a Dean op-ed in the Cleveland (Ohio!) Plain Dealer:

"To help defeat Bush and his agenda in 2004, our new enterprise will focus on key battleground states. We will mobilize our supporters and use the groundbreaking organizing tools we developed during our campaign, planting seeds on the Internet, meeting face to face at the grassroots, bringing new people into the process. We will use these same tools to support congressional, state and local candidates across America, candidates who stand for our principles. And we will encourage grassroots members to run for office, and we will offer them tools to achieve this. We want to change conditions so people no longer think that running for office is only for the well-connected." LINK

Republican National Convention:

Mayor Bloomberg no doubt understands the difference between fundraising pledges versus cash-in-hand. The New York host committee for the GOP convention "has collected just over half its estimated $60 million budget, and Mayor Bloomberg may have to help lean on donors to get the rest … ," writes the New York Daily News' Maggie Haberman. LINK

Democratic National Convention:

The Boston Globe talks to rail commuters who are all for Gov. Mitt Romney's idea to move the convention to South Boston, out of the Fleet Center in the middle of the city. Commuters have been grumbling over current plan for some time, especially upon learning of possible station closings due to security concerns. LINK

Joan Vennochi argues that the convention will stay in the Fleer Center because of those demanding television networks. "Luring the networks to Boston is the chief reason why Democrats have no interest in moving the event from the Fleet Center to the city's new convention center." LINK

Note to whoever is making this argument: the networks will cover the Democratic convention no matter what. Just a hunch.

Another Globe story on the same subject takes the side that it could be good for the image of the Democrats to be eating in South Boston's Liberty Bell Roast Beef instead of the Four Seasons. LINK

The economy:

As the price of oil continues to rise, Washington is debating over to whether stockpile reserves or sell them off, writes Matthew Wald of the New York Times .LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

The Washington Post 's Jonathan Weisman reports "in the span of five hours last week, the Senate added $7 billion for the Pentagon, boosted spending on veterans health care, forest management and medical research, and stripped out a relatively modest $3.4 billion cut in entitlement spending over five years." LINK

"Senate Budget Committee Chairman Don Nickles (R-Okla.) had insisted that lawmakers tighten all areas of spending under Congress's discretion, including defense. But the Senate overwhelmingly rejected that notion, adding $7 billion in defense spending to comply with President Bush's request. Also added: $2 billion for the National Institutes of Health, $1.7 billion for emergency responders and port security, $343 million for forest restoration, $33 million for college tuition assistance, $101 million for veterans health research, and $5.6 billion for an expansion of health insurance for military reservists and National Guardsmen."

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