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Cute back and forth, incidentally, between the NRSC and DSCC yesterday over whether the DSCC can adequately fund its races.

One downside in having Obama as the nominee in Illinois instead of Blair Hull: Mr. Obama will not be a self-funder …

But we're reliably told that the DSCC is quite happy with State Sen. Obama's upsides.

The land of 5 plus 2 = 7:

The folks at and Win Without War will gather today at 12:30 pm ET on the Hill with "families of soldiers serving, injured, or killed in Iraq to call on Congress to censure President George W. Bush for misleading the American people in the lead-up to the war."

In addition to pushing for censure of the president ""for misrepresenting the truth about intelligence concerning nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and links between Al Qaeda and the government of Saddam Hussein," look for the groups to unveil an ad campaign that goes up Friday in what we are told is a $150,000 print and TV buy.

And in our ongoing effort to give you this weekend's news today, we offer you a sneak peek at the television spot slated to begin airing Friday: 30 second TV "Censure"

AUDIO ANNOUNCER VOICE OVER: If George Bush had told the truth a year ago, here's what he might have said:

BUSH IMITATOR: My fellow Americans, we have no evidence that Iraq has stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. No connection to 9/11. No nuclear capability. They pose no imminent threat to us.

AUDIO ANNOUNCER VOICE OVER: If he said that, would we have gone to war, spending $125 billion dollars and losing more than 500 American lives?

AUDIO ANNOUNCER VOICE OVER: When a President misleads us, he must face the consequences. Congress should censure President Bush now.

The economy:

ABC News business editor Ramona Schindelheim explains the Fed's decision to keep interest rates where they are.LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Frank DiGiacomo and Josh Benson deliver a must-read in the New York Observer exploring the role Bill Clinton's upcoming memoirs will play on the 2004 presidential campaign. LINK

"Certainly, as Mr. Clinton's former deputy chief of staff and current Democratic political adviser, Steve Ricchetti, put it: 'There are few people, if anyone, better than Clinton at framing and describing the substantive challenges facing our country domestically and internationally.' And if Mr. Clinton manages to convert the nostalgia for the flush days of his administration into votes for Mr. Kerry, he could prove an excellent asset to the candidate from Massachusetts."

"On the other hand, there are those Democrats who envision Mr. Clinton mounting the modern equivalent of Elvis Presley's 1968 NBC comeback special, replete with swooning women at the local Barnes and Noble and a tumescent tabloid media revisiting their greatest hits, from Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky to whether the resulting impeachment scandal distracted the nation from the looming threat of terrorism."

Lloyd Grove writes up a Hillary anecdote from a new book by Joseph Califano, Jr. in which he describes an anti-Establishment "potty mouthed protestor" named Hillary Rodham circa 1970. Don't miss Philippe's Clintonian response, which he explains to The Note is a polite version of, "This assertion is f@!&%*g b#%%!&*t"LINK

Big Casino budget politics: Medicare:

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