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Dean plans to endorse Kerry by the end of the month, appear with him at the Democratic Unity dinner in Washington on March 25, and "absolutely" plans to raise money on Kerry's behalf. But several people who have spoken with Dean do not believe he intends to relinquish control of his 600,000 person plus e-mail list. And almost everyone advising him believes that's the best course of action.

Dean advisers have spoken with several groups, including MoveOn and SEIU, about possible alliances and fundraising help. Some people close to Dean want him to function like a normal politician, traveling the country and raising money … and not devote time to building an organization. So his new group would therefore be akin to a PAC that funds his travel.

Others are interested in the new Dean for America being a MoveOn type group that both supports candidates and embarks on projects of its own. Already, the campaign has helped candidates for local office inspired by Dean for America. Over the weekend, they launched a campaign to help Rep. Jesse Jackson's re-election campaign raise money.

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