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Senator Kerry is in Florida.

Senator Edwards is in Raleigh, North Carolina and is expected to announce that he is dropping out.

Rep. Kucinich is in Florida.

Rev. Sharpton is in New York.

ABC News Vote 2004: Super Tuesday: Here's a state-by-state roundup of results from all of the nominating contests to date:LINK

The New York Times ' Kit Seelye and Janet Elder writes that a "broad cross section of the Democratic electorate" helped Kerry in his victories Tuesday night. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Brownstein writes Kerry won every key group handily — except independents. LINK

At the polls, Democrats talk of beating Bush in November, writes Rick Lyman of the New York Times . LINK

Jeff Zeleny of the Chicago Tribune rounds up yesterday's contests, reporting on Kerry's commanding wins, Dean's surprising victory in his home state, and Edwards step-aside to clear the way for Kerry in the upcoming general election. LINK

How many synonymous phrases can reporters come up with to describe a candidate who's accumulated enough delegates to force out his opponents and effectively assume the Democratic presidential nomination? Let's take a look . . . .

The Washington Post 's Dan Balz reports "Senator John F. Kerry put a lock on the Democratic presidential nomination last night with a series of lopsided Super Tuesday victories in New York, Ohio, Maryland and elsewhere that ended Senator John Edwards's slender hopes of keeping the race alive." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Kornblut writes that Kerry "cleared a straight path" to the nomination. LINK

The AP's Fournier writes that Kerry "cemented" the nomination. LINK

The Boston Herald's Guarino says Kerry "locked his grip" on it. LINK

Knight Ridder's Thomma writes that Kerry "clinched" it. LINK

USA Today 's Welch gives state-by-state recaps. LINK

The Daily News says New York was Kerry Country Tuesday. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Healy recounts Kerry's long journey to the nomination. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Canellos writes that, for voters, "it was all about the resume." LINK

USA Today 's Welch reports from Kerry's election night party. LINK

Last night as the returns were coming in and the polls were just about to close in three states, President Bush put a call out Senator Kerry and told him that he had an impressive victory, Bush-Cheney '04 press secretary Scott Stanzel confirmed last night. The president said that Kerry won the nomination against a tough field and that he was looking forward to a spirited race.

This marks the first call from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to a Democratic contender this nomination season.

New York Post 's Orin Notes that it's not standard practice for a sitting president to extend this sort of call: "'I'm not aware of this happening in the past,' said [BC04 spokesman Terry] Holt. 'I think you can take it at face value. This is, in many ways, the beginning of the election season and I think [Bush] wanted to extend his hand across the aisle.'" LINK

The Boston Herald's Miga and Straub recount the phone call from the president and Kerry campaign's agenda for the near future. LINK

USA Today reports the president told Kerry, "'I'm thinking about you.'" LINK

"Because the country remains almost mathematically balanced between the parties and because neither man shed blood in securing the nomination, they enter the general election on unexpectedly even terms," writes The Washington Post 's David Broder of the general election. LINK

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