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"The survey results, which also show declining support for the war in Iraq and for Bush's leadership in general, indicate the public is increasingly questioning the president's truthfulness -- a concern for Bush's political advisers as his reelection bid gets underway." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The New York Times' Ruttenberg reports that Republicans have begun a series of attacks against Kerry, beginning with Ed Gillespie's speech and RNC e-mails and continuing with a Bush video ad. LINK

From a BC04 release: "To date, John Kerry has harshly attacked President Bush with 15 ads that have aired 9,712 times and cost $4.9 million."

"After millions of dollars spent by John Kerry's campaign attacking the President, this web video provides our supporters an opportunity to see how Senator John Kerry's angry rhetoric does not match his record," BC04 spokesman Scott Stanzel said. "It's part of our effort to communicate with supporters on Senator Kerry's hypocrisy."

So when will the campaign takes it message beyond it's "e-supporters" and to the larger voting public?

"We are anxious for the time this becomes a two-person race," Stanzel said. "And we are rapidly approaching that period."

The AP's Lindlaw reports on the new BC04 video bashing Kerry's alleged special interest ties (and it's not an ad…wink wink). LINK

Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie yesterday essentially called the press patsies in the game of dirty politics that the Democrats are mounting during this presidential election, the Washington Times Ralph Z. Hallow reports. LINK

In a speech in battleground state Pennsylvania yesterday, President Bush backed away from comments by one of his economic advisers on jobs moving overseas, the Washington Post Milbank reports. In the Keystone State for the 25th time since taking office, the President told a crowd at a high school "We need to act to make sure there are more jobs at home, and people are more likely to retain a job." LINK

The New York Times' Bumiller reports that President Bush attempted to assure a crowd that he was "concerned about the loss of American jobs to other countries, an increasingly potent issue in the 2004 campaign" and Notes: "Here in a state that has lost about 84,000 jobs during his presidency, [President Bush] pushed his job-training and education programs, and said one solution to jobs' moving overseas was to train Americans for higher-paying work at home." LINK

The independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks announced that it would seek public testimony from President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney resulting in another "showdown" between the commission and the White House, reports Philip Shenon of the New York Times. LINK

Funny: if people watched The Newshour" on PBS, they would have known this two days ago!!!

In a move that "could add to the White House's political troubles as it tries to keep questions about the war from becoming a drag on Bush's reelection campaign," the Los Angeles Times reports that the Senate Intelligence Committee is planning to investigate whether White House officials "exaggerated the Iraq threat or pressured analysts to tailor their assessments of Baghdad's weapons programs to bolster the case for war." LINK

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