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Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Calf.), chairman of the Appropriations Committee's Defense subcommittee, "predicted yesterday that pressure to cut defense spending will grow this year in the House, warning Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld that "people will be targeting our budget in a serious way," reports the Washington Post's Vernon Loeb. LINK

The Washington Post's Christopher Lee reports that the Senate approved a $318 billion transportation bill yesterday, but the legislation faces White House opposition over its price tag, and it differs from a costlier bill pending in the House. LINK

The Wall Street Journal reports "The Senate, defying the White House, approved a $318 billion highway and transit bill that has provoked a remarkable election-year fight between Republican lawmakers and President Bush over budget priorities and job creation," Noting that "Sen. John McCain tore into his party for abandoning its legacy as the 'party of fiscal sanity, the party of smaller government.'"

ABC 2004: The Democratic nomination fight:

Dan Balz and Vanessa Willliams of the Washington Post report that Gen. Clark will endorse Sen. Kerry today because, "the former NATO commander values Kerry's experience in the Vietnam War… and his years of work on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Those factors, they said, outweighed the issues on which Clark had criticized Kerry during the campaign." LINK

The Los Angeles Times reports that a Democratic source calls Clark's scheduled Kerry endorsement "'a clear signal that Democrats are coalescing around the Kerry candidacy.'" LINK

The AP's Pickler reports on the expected endorsement from Gen. Clark. LINK

The Boston Herald's David Guarino reports on the expected Clark nod and the nice words (but no endorsement) from Gov. Doyle in Wisconsin. LINK

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.): "I do believe that with a Kerry-Edwards ticket, we can sweep this nation and bring the South along with it" and Jesse Jackson. "To many people, it's a dream ticket." LINK

Feb. 14:

The AP's Brendan Riley previews this weekend's Nevada and D.C. contests. LINK

The Boston Globe's Steve Friess writes that "if the [Nevada] contest tomorrow seems inconsequential and predictable, appearances in the state by both Kerry and Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie in the days leading into it reflect that the nation's fastest-growing state is poised to play its most significant role ever in a presidential election." LINK


The Boston Globe's Mishra and Johnson talk to Wisconsinites who wonder whether their primary votes really matter. LINK

USA Today's Kasindorf reports on the Dean and Edwards campaigns' hopes for the Badger State and their opinions that the Wisconsin voters do matter. LINK

David Callender at the Capital Times Notes Wisconsin veterans defending John Kerry from Republican attacks on his role in VVAW. LINK

Kirsten Scharnberg, Rick Pearson, and Jill Zuckman at the Chicago Tribune report that while Kerry rested in Washington yesterday, he will return to Wisconsin today in triumph to collect the endorsement of Gen. Clark. LINK

John Dipko at the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that 1.17 million Wisconsin voters will be watching "Shrek" on Sunday night after their local NBC affiliates decided to show the green ogre's adventures over the presidential debate being held in Madison. LINK


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