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Behind-the-scenes tid-bit: we're told that Dr. Judy brought her husband a crate of fresh oranges to nurture his ailing bronchial flesh.

Here's the full transcript: LINK

And here's an excerpt:

DIANE SAWYER: ...some of the political analysts have said that the real problem is that it tapped into another concern, it seemed to reinforce the concern that had been brought up before about your pressure gauge. And, how you control it. And, specifically the whole issue of temper. So, can I ask you Mrs. Dean, does your husband have a temper?

JUDY DEAN: Not much. I mean, you know, we've been married for 23 years, and he is very easy to get along with.

DIANE SAWYER: A couple of things on the campaign trail I want to let you address here. We saw the instance where a Republican, admittedly combative Republican, in one of the town halls asked you a question, and you had a flash point, you reacted.

HOWARD DEAN: You know, I'm not going to say what I, what the guy did, or what he didn't do, or anything like that. My attitude is this basically I believe people ought to respect each other. And, I want to hold everybody to those standards. I want to hold myself to those standards. And, I want to hold everybody else to those standards. People, you know, this anger stuff, which is, essentially(Inaudible) began last March when other campaigns started to spin it, because of the passion of the campaign, I don't really react to that, because I'm not particularly an angry person.

DIANE SAWYER: One thing I actually heard somebody say is, this is like Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is the stand by your man interview. The public relations event. Does it feel like that?

JUDY DEAN: No, no. I think -- you know, I think we are who we are, and I came out today, because Howard asked me to. I went to Iowa, and I enjoyed Iowa. And I did want to come to New Hampshire, whether it was today, here with you, or whether it would be some other time, I think that was up to Howard.

DIANE SAWYER: Do you wish she'd been out on the trail with you more?

HOWARD DEAN: No, I don't. And, the reason I ... Do I think it would be easier for me politically? Yes, I do. But, in the context of my relationship, one of the things that Judy ... Judy and I share a lot of values. And, one of the things we share is the family always comes first, and to have her out on the trail, and have our son at home by himself is just unthinkable. Never mind the issue of career. I think she has the right to have her own career. She didn't sign on to this. And, so you know, my ... my attitude is look, this is the way it is. As it turns out, Judy's a doctor, and she's a good doctor, and she loves medicine, and I'm not going to try ... try to convince her for a moment that she has to give that up.

Dueling Howies! The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz writes up his own version of Dean's coping with The Yelp. LINK

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