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That's right, (drumroll please) it's Politics Live. It's the second place to go on the Internet each day to get your full daily dose of all things political.

Today's show, for all you New Hampshire voters out there and all those interested in what's going on up there in the Granite State -- Kathleen Sullivan, New Hampshire Democratic party chair, will be on the show.

And, just because we're trying to appeal to younger viewers - we thought we'd get in on that money-making stuff- Jehmu Greene of Rock the Vote will stop by for a chat.

Since the suspense is eating you alive, here is a clip to watch in the mean time, from yesterday's show. LINK

AOL subscribers, don't you worry, you can watch it too.

But you can't tell the players without a program -- which means ya gotta sign up to have ABC News Live delivered right to your desktop. We don't underestimate the power of customer service around here. LINK


From ABC News Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

LACONIA, NH, Jan 22-- 400 people filled the Elks Lodge with an overflow crowd. Kerry, who arrived nearly a half hour late for his first and only event of the day, abbreviated his stump to a twelve minute presentation, then took forty-four minutes worth of audience questions. After the event, as is quickly becoming custom, a media swarm engulfed the candidate, eventually forcing Kerry to Wade step-by-step into a throng of immovable reporters, cameras, and stills.

Having finally broken through the crush of media, Kerry stromed onto the "Real Deal Express," ripped off his Timberland Barn Coat, and tossed it into the gray and red striped seat by his side.

"Don't they get it?," Kerry bellowed to no one in particular. "I can't have this," he continued, referring to the media horde now watching his every move.

David Wade, traveling press secretary, entered the bus and immediately faced the Senator's wrath. Thrashing his arms, Kerry asked several times, "Where are my boots?"

Once located, the previously nervous Kerry seemed a bit more serene. Surrogates continue to flank the state, while the candidate grows less willing to take any risks or chances given the current volitility of the Democratic field. Former Senator Max Cleland, is in the state Friday for a vterans' event with James Rassmann, the special forces soldier who was saved by Kerry in Vietnam. Teresa Heinz Kerry returns to New Hampshire to campaign through this weekend for her husband. And, naturally, the Kerry campaign will be dependent upon its most influential surrogate so far: big Mo(mentum).

Read more from the trail with Kerry on LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Maria L. La Ganga reports that Kerry has cut down on his public appearances since winning the Iowa caucuses; "Instead, he has taken to the phones, seeking more money for his revitalized campaign and rallying troops in the spate of states with primaries and caucuses that quickly follow in February." LINK

The Washington Post's Hanna Rosin on the "Man of the Moment" and his current hold on that "elusive shimmering jewel" known as "momentum." LINK

The New York Times' Dave Halbfinger writes of Sen. Hollings' Sen. Kerry endorsement LINK


From ABC News Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Rivieria:


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