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From ABC News Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

While certainly not a shake-up, the campaign is changing its media strategy. National press secretary David Swanson, who kept a grueling schedule as the campaign's main spokesperson but who oftentimes had a prickly relationship with the press, has given his two weeks notice.

Replacing him is author and journalist William Rivers Pitt. Pitt, who wrote "War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know" with former weapons inspector Scott Ritter and who currently edits the website, was covering Kucinich last week in Iowa. He blended in so well that Kucinich offered him the position, and he will now travel full-time with the candidate. The campaign worries its relationship with the media has been damaged by its previously defensive attitude toward the mainstream press, something they hope Pitt can remedy. As Pitt told ABC News, "There's a new sheriff in town."

Iowa state coordinator Dave Rogers has now been dispatched to head up advance in upcoming contests, and heads to New Mexico tomorrow.

Read more from the campaign trail at ABC Feb. 3:

The Boston Globe's Yvonne Abraham writes that Feb. 3 is a whole new ballgame, and that the "retail" of New Hampshire and Iowa is now replaced by "wholesale." LINK

John Harwood and Jake Schlesinger wrap up the primary results, Noting the crucial importance of Feb. 3, that all of the top contenders are burning through their cash at a fast rate, and this reminder: "At stake in the nation's first primary was a paltry trove of 22 national convention delegates but a giant wave of political momentum."

Al Hunt emphasizes in his Campaign Journal the absolute importance of money in this calendar, and analyzes how last night's results affect the top four candidates' strategies going into Feb. 3.

The Boston Globe's Raja Mishra reports that Edwards is looking to the "'more level playing field'" of the South and Midwest. LINK

The Boston Globe's Joanna Weiss reports that Clark had one of his hardest weeks yet and is looking for better results down South. LINK

New Mexico:

The Albuquerque Journal reports Kerry's New Mexico campaign co-chairman Lt. Gov. Diane Denish expects 15 New Mexico endorsements this week for the Massachusetts senator. The Journal also expects Mrs. Heinz Kerry, Sen. Kennedy, and former HUD Secretary Cisneros to stump the Land of Enchantment on behalf of Kerry. LINK


Let the primary bounce begin: The Kansas City Star reports John Kerry has the early lead in the Show-Me State, according to its latest poll. Note no one else busts into double digs . . . LINK

Now that Gephardt is out, Mayor Slay is in for Kerry -- some details from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. LINK

Kansas City (and St. Louis), here they comeā€¦the two cities brace for the candidates' wooing to begin. LINK

The Springfield News-Leader advises its Ozark readers campaigns are beefing up staffs in the area. LINK

Missouri Shows no Sign of the primary to come -- and most folks don't know there's a vote next week. LINK


Billy House of the Arizona Republic takes a 30,000-foot look (get it?) at the candidates' fly-around strategies for the Feb. 3 states, Noting that Kerry hits the airwaves in all seven states with new ads today, while Dean figures out where to put his money on the air, and Clark leads in ad spending in Arizona. LINK

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