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Read more from the trail with Kerry on LINK

The New York Times' Glen Justice reports that Sen. Kerry's campaign has raised "more than $1.1 million in the past week over the Internet alone." LINK

The Washington Post's John F. Harris and Ceci Connolly on what is behind the Kerry win. LINK

The New York Times' David Halbfinger wraps from the Kerry victory party, Noting that Kerry's support from veterans helped "mobilized a constituency that has rarely rallied behind a Democrat or any other single candidate en masse." LINK

More Connolly: Kerry's face tonight expressed a "pure joy" that "has not been seen for months." LINK


From ABC News Dean campaign reporter Reena Singh:

Following the Governor's speech, "I Won't Back Down" piped through the gymnasium as volunteers pulled Dean signs off the walls. Sitting at the edge of stage -- Joe Trippi, Steve McMahon and Paul Maslin. When asked what happened in New Hampshire, Trippi said, "I'm not talking to you." His response to why was "Because the media is a pain in the ass."

The Dean team meets in Burlington tomorrow to come up with new strategies. According to the campaign, this is now a two-man race. Staffers say his message will essentially stay the same except that there will be more emphasis on his executive experience and on Kerry as a Washington insider. "The difference between Howard Dean and John Kerry is results versus rhetoric," said McMahon.

McMahon categorizes the future ad strategy as being about the "next seven weeks, not just about the next seven days." Ads in New Hampshire are obviously down and no other ads are expected to go up until Friday.

Thursday the Governor touches down on delegate rich Michigan before going to Greenville, S.C. In fact, the Governor's most recent schedule takes him to both Feb. 3 and Feb. 7 states. He is lagging in South Carolina, New Mexico and Arizona polls and it appears as if the campaign is focusing on Michigan and Washington states.

As for the Dean New Hampshire staff, they will begin the postmortem tomorrow as well as discover what their next assignments will be. Most have all put in their relocation requests. Arizona and New Mexico seem to be the top choices. "I need to thaw out and I really need a tan," said one New Hampshire worker.

Read more from the trail with Dean on LINK

The New York Times' Jodi Wilgoren Notes from Dean's primary night party that "This time, it was the crowd that screamed, not the candidate." LINK

Jim VandeHei writes that Dean's second place finish "slowed but failed to stop his political freefall." LINK

The Washington Post editorial board doesn't think the race is over either, but believes Dean has to win somewhere soon ("Even a comeback kid has to come back and win somewhere"). LINK

The Globe's Glen Johnson writes about the Dean campaign's optimism and strategy for Feb. 3. LINK


ABC News' Deb Apton reports on the scene as the Clark campaign left New Hampshire:

It's a scene out of a movie as a sea of press try to get cameras, bags, and boots through security screeners and on board. By 10:20pm, we are somehow airborne. Going down the runway, Clark and Mrs. Clark cheer with their staffers-they have just heard that The General pulled ahead ever-so-slightly in the final count and New Hampshire press staff confirmed with the Secretary of State that Clark has held on to a tight third spot in the primary. Clark, all smiles, heads back to talk with press:

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