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The New York Times' Robin Toner writes that Dean's "his mark on the party is unmistakable. His defeats are less a victory for the Democratic establishment than a sign of the other leading candidates' ability to adjust, and harness the energy originally tapped by Dr. Dean's insurgent campaign: the anger at President Bush, the opposition to the war with Iraq, the demand for a different direction in domestic policy." LINK

Adam Nagorney and Jennifer 8. Lee on the Dean supporters, soldiering on. LINK


From ABC News Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

GREENVILLE, SC Jan 29 -- Schedules are tricky things on presidential campaigns, and they've been especially tricky for the Lieberman campaign in the days following the New Hampshire primary.

The senator and staff were first supposed to go to Delaware on primary night, but icy runways meant that trip had to be delayed. So first it was Oklahoma City and Tulsa and then Greenville for the debate. When Lieberman and press arrived at the airport, on the way to a hastily scheduled press availability to play up Lieberman's Arizona Republic endorsement, we learned that his stay in the Palmetto State would end earlier than expected. At 8 a.m. Friday morning it would be wheels up to Delaware.

The confusion has created a feeling among the traveling press of the blind leading the blind, and the question they all keep asking is, "Why are we not in Arizona?" After having received what could be a boon in that state, and considering how little time there is before the next round of voting begins, it seems like getting there should be a priority. The campaign just says they're working on it.

For now Lieberman is focusing his efforts and his dwindling resources on two states where he thinks he could finish strong. He will return to D.C. for the Sabbath and will then head back to Delaware for Sunday morning campaigning. Then it's back to Oklahoma and probably New Mexico. Lieberman and press may end up in Arizona before the February 3 primary, but then again, they may not.

The Lieberman campaign released two new ads on Thursday. One 30 second spot called "Clear," about Lieberman's national security record airs in Oklahoma. And "President," about the kind of president America needs, is airing in Delaware. No other ads are currently airing.

The New York Times' Phillip Sheldon reports that Sens. Lieberman and McCain will propose legislation to extend the 9/11 commission's deadline to next January -- after the elections. LINK


From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

AIKEN, S.C., Jan 29--When asked to evaluate expectations from Iowa to New Hampshire to states beyond, Sen. John Edwards has long stood by his stock and trade response. "I leave that to you all," he will say or, "I don't make projections."

Except for one state, one fight: South Carolina.

Of course as far back as the days of hammering out even the most fledgling campaign strategy, South Carolina has played center stage. Edwards' tactic has been to tough it out early and hope to make the best of bad situations in the two early states before "Bringing it Home." It has remained the central campaign battle plan. "Meet us down South," spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri told reporters back fall, when the landscape loomed with a Dean-Kerry showdown, after which a third candidate would presumably be sought as an alternative.

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