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The Washington Post's Tom Edsall writes, "This is the stage in the presidential nomination fight in which money flows to winners and steadily dries up for the rest of the field. For challengers, the less money they have, the more states they must skip -- and concede." LINK

There's good color in here about Clark, Edwards, and Kerry.

"The notable thing about these three is how much they agree on -- and how willing Democratic voters are to accept their credentials," writes David Broder. LINK

The AP's Theimer looks at where the money is flowing right now. Take a guess. LINK

The AP's Ron Fournier writes that Kerry's rivals are ceding many states to the frontrunner and "covering their retreat with fresh claims that he is a flip-flopping Washington insider." LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Cummings thinks that billionaire Democratic donor George Soros is "the most important money man in the Democratic Party this election year."

With Kerry down in Boston and Dean out West, Clark and Edwards yesterday "said they would make Tuesday's Tennessee contest the next major test of this elimination contest." LINK

The New York Times' Purdum and Elder Note Edwards' success among independent voters and voters looking for a candidate who cares about people like them as they write of the possible Edwards opening in the Kerry juggernaut. LINK

The Boston Globe's Kornblut and Mishra write about how Edwards is targeting Kerry very strategically -- and optimistically, of course. LINK

The Boston Globe's Oliphant advises Kerry to not take Edwards lightly. LINK

Bob Novak has a nice, thematic overview of the Southern contests. LINK

George Will believes the Democrats still fundamentally misread the South. LINK

The Washington Post's editorial board warns of roadblocks for Kerry: "The voters' connections with him are fragile, based less on enthusiasm for Mr. Kerry than on antipathy for Mr. Bush. If Mr. Kerry falters in the days ahead, Democrats could easily switch allegiances once more." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Glionna and Slater explore the Edwards and Clark Southern strategies and Note Clark's new line of attack focused squarely on Kerry and Edwards. LINK

The AP's Fouhy reports that in order "to catch Kerry [Clark] needs to beat Edwards in a Southern state.'" LINK

Alexander Bolton of The Hill Notes the support Dems continue to build among war veterans, especially Kerry, and the scrambling the GOP is doing to catch up in anticipation of the sway America's more than 25 million military veterans may have over November's election. LINK

Lizzie Andrews of The Hill Notes that House members from upcoming primary battleground states are heading home to stump for their presidential candidates. LINK

House of Labor:

Ah, the doors keep opening and shutting in the big House of Labor.

ABC News' Gayle Tzemach reports that Camp Edwards' sustained and earnest courtship has paid off as the fine folks at UNITE, the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees -- who say they represent 250,000 members -- plan to endorse the North Carolina senator. Look for an event with Edwards and his first national union backers "by Saturday."

And this morning the unions formerly known as Gephardt backers will meet with pack-leading Sen. John Kerry at 8:30 am in Beantown. And look for the head of the newly pro-Kerry American Federation of Teachers, Sandra Feldman, to campaign for her candidate in Michigan Friday.

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