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In Sunday's Washington Post , George Will writes the president needs "spring training" and is quite a ways "from midseason form." This sentence is one the DNC will surely Note: "Republicans are swiftly forfeiting the perception that they are especially responsible stewards of government finances." LINK And in Sunday's Washington Post , David Broder examines Palmetto politics through the prism of South Carolina's economy. As GOP Gov. Mark Sanford says, "the economy is a big political and policy worry." LINK Perhaps as part of his spring training, the AP says the president is expected at the Daytona 500 next month … LINK David Sanger slaps the discord label on the White House's recent Iraq message, writing that the president "appears very much on the defensive just at a moment when his aides thought he would be reaping the political benefits of ridding the world of Saddam Hussein." LINK The New York Times ' ed board says the new commission to investigate pre-war intel lacks the necessary political heft and "looks more like an effort to deflect attention until after the election than a genuine attempt to get to the bottom of the Iraq fiasco." LINK

You know, sometimes a funny thing happens and predictions are right. The Washington Post 's Tom Edsall writes that, as promised, McCain-Feingold has sure helped the GOP more than the Dems. That, however, doesn't stop Terry McAuliffe from promising to be up with ads from the day his Democratic Party has a nominee … and onward. LINK The Los Angeles Times' Joseph Menn investigates what the failings of the Dean campaign mean to the future of the Internet in politics. LINK Michael Slackman of the New York Times writes of a Washington group that is urging the FEC to withhold matching funds from the Sharpton campaign. LINK The AP's Bob Lewis profiles the Virginia primary and what is at stake. LINK Salon looks at the economic woes of the "charming little town" of Greenville, Mich., and finds "bad news" for the president. LINK The Washington Post 's Griff Witte writes Democratic candidates are trying to channel the frustrations of job-struggling tech workers. LINK The Seattle Times' Postman and Brunner reports that members of the Green Party are torn in Washington as whether to support a Democrat in 2004. LINK The Boston Globe reports the state senate's president "will convene a long-awaited constitutional convention Wednesday and promised a vote on a proposed amendment to ban gay marriages." LINK "Bring It On," Renee Tawa of the Los Angeles Times looks at how pop-culture phrases has crept into politics. LINK ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera reports:

On the ground the Edwards campaign has found itself at a stubbornly persistent crossroad. And standing ramrod straight at the junction between the Highway to Wisconsin and the road to nowhere is General Clark. Throughout Friday The General's "attacks" on Senator Edwards' voting record on veterans' issues came up time and again, prompting at first a paper response from press secretary Jennifer Palmieri, then again for the cameras until ultimately the Senator fielded questions and responded himself during an afternoon press avail in Bristol, Tenn.

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