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The San Francisco Chronicle has a look at the dueling rallies at City Hall leading up to tomorrow's mayoral election. LINK

Including a drop-in by President Clinton. LINK

John Wildermuth of the San Francisco Chronicle writes about the importance of the absentee vote in Tuesday's election which could be as high as 30 — 40% and significantly favor Newsom. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

In her three-fifths of a full Ginsberg, Senator Rodham Hillary Clinton was asked about a wide-range of subject on the Sunday shows. LINK

The Boston Herald's David Guarino confirms that Senator Clinton asserted on three broadcast networks in one morning that she's not running in 2004. LINK

Vince Morris of the New York Post writes up the Hillary and Newt show but strangely doesn't include the former Speaker's near endorsement for the Senator's potential future presidential run. LINK

James Gordon Meek of the Daily News dedicated a story unto itself to Gingrich's glowing remarks about Senator Clinton and his forecasting of the 2008 presidential contest. LINK

Meek also looks at Senator Clinton's Sunday tour leading with her response to the nomination question. LINK

"'No, no. I've said no. I've said no, no, no, no,' the New York Democrat told NBC's "Meet the Press," when asked if she would accept her party's nomination in 2004."

Meek also included her exchange with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week."

"In a new twist, ABC "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos, a former top aide to President Bill Clinton, asked the senator to imagine a nominee begging her to join the ticket as veep."

"'That is not going to happen, George,' Clinton said. 'That is so far out of … the realm of the possible.'"

"'That is not a no! It could happen!' Stephanopoulos chirped."

William Safire says Conservatives of the World Unite with devotees of "congenital hawk" Hillary Rodham Clinton to keep Bush in '04, thus clearing the way for HRC in '08. LINK

Bill Maher may not get invited to the Chappaqua home anytime soon. LINK

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