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Just making sure that everyone heard Imus this morning say that it sounds like Chris Matthews has gone to work for the Dean campaign — or perhaps he was just reflecting perfectly the CW view of the Gang of 500.

The New York Times ' Jodi Wilgoren reports on a chastened Dean's multiracial appeal in the South with a story full of details such as this one: "Dr. Dean has struggled to attract support from black voters, who make up half of this state's Democratic primary electorate; the 'African Americans for Dean' placard in the back of the hotel ballroom on Sunday was held by a white man." LINK

The Washington Post 's Jim VandeHei reports on Dean and the three G's in the South — with a can't miss even-some-of-Dean's-supporters paragraph near the end. LINK

The State's Aaron Gould Sheinin reports that despite his absence in the Palmetto State, (Note: his last visit to Columbia was for the Collision), Dean insisted to South Carolina Democrats that he has not forgotten the South. LINK

So does the Boston Globe 's Sarah Schweitzer. LINK

Eric Slater of the Los Angeles Times placed Dean's South Carolina visit in the context of his Confederate flag comments which Dean only addressed once. LINK

"'I have learned my lesson, and you will never hear those words cross my lips again,' the former Vermont governor said."

Mark Silva of the Orlando Sentinel Notes that Florida voters have similar concerns as much of the rest of the country. While Howard Dean gets a huge "show of force" and has the "energy to motivate," many insist "Democrats need a more moderate champion to compete with the president in a state where both Bush and his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush, have a strong following and deep financial wells." LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny reports on Rep. Jackson's Dean endorsement. LINK

In USA Today , Alan Webber writes about why Dean's supporters think the campaign's Web site is nifty. LINK

Webber gives a quick run through of the other campaigns' sites too. LINK

The AP's Mike Glover profiles Joe Trippi. LINK

More Trippi biographical details, courtesy of the AP. LINK

Helen Kennedy of the New York Daily News writes up the Dean fundraising machine and has Joe Trippi predicting that $200 million will be collected by next summer. LINK

"'There are millions of people that are for us right now,' he said. 'We're positive we get to 2 million as people become convinced it's us versus Bush.'"

Roll Call 's Chris Cillizza reports, "After raising more than $50,000 for [Boswell] in less than 24 hours last week, [Dean's]campaign is weighing a similar effort in Kentucky's 6th district, where a special election to replace Rep. Ernie Fletcher (R) is expected to be held in late January."

CORRECTION: The Note mistakenly reported on Friday that Rep. Boswell had "respectfully declined" Dean's pledge to raise money for him. That is incorrect. It was Rep. Bishop who had previously declined Dean's offer of fundraising assistance.

Profiling possible first lady Judy Steinberg Dean, Salon writes she "cares about medicine, not politics, and she shows no signs of shifting her concentration, even for the sake of her husband's bid for the country's highest office." Says Hank Sheinkopf (and, to a lesser extent, Howard Wolfson … ) of Dr. Dean's trail aversion, "keeping her medical practice is a good thing. Not participating in the campaign is not such a good thing." LINK

Read more from the trail with Dean on LINK


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