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Kerry, who had previously said he would only use personal money if his honor were attacked, withdrew such conditions once again arguing, "the rules have changed."

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From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

The Gephardt campaign was abuzz this weekend about one of the first attack pieces of the campaign, mailed by the Dean campaign to thousands of his supporters, lashing out at Gephardt for standing in the Rose Garden with President Bush, voting for the war, and the $87 billion package for the troops.

To some Gephardt staffers, a Dean attack seemed to be an honor and put them in the category where they want to be, the anti-Dean campaign. Their spin is that the Dean offensive toward Gephardt has "cemented that it's a two-man race."

By pure coincidence, Gephardt worked a new line into his stump on Sunday, a day the campaign says was the 10th anniversary of Howard Dean's trip to Washington D.C. "to participate in a press conference with President Clinton to show his support for NAFTA."

The addition got off to a shaky start at Sam's Sandwiches and Sodas in Carroll, Iowa, when Gephardt slipped up his new line and said the Dean/Bush meeting had taken place in the Rose Garden, when it had not. Perhaps he was thinking of his own Rose Garden meeting before the war that's preoccupying Dean? Later in the day, the line was perfected … and it will likely stay that way.

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Senator Edwards embraces his career as a trial lawyer — and all that that entails — both in his new book and on the campaign trail, writes the New York Times ' Randal Archibald. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Jonathan Roos on Saturday reported on Senator Edwards' latest attempt to appeal to farmers, by supporting a ban on meatpacking companies owning livestock. LINK

With the race moving ever closer to Dean versus the world, the News and Observer examines what it's going to take for Edwards to have a shot. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Healy Notes that Edwards sees an opportunity in New Hampshire after Kerry's bad news week. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

Twenty-six tons of politically inclined automotive power. One "Singin' with the Edwards" song book. A fridge full of Diet Coke and frozen steak fajitas. At the helm is campaign veteran (and bi-partisan) bus driver Johnny Williams, guiding The Real Solutions Express through western Iowa as Senator Edwards completed a three-day bus tour built around the Jefferson Jackson dinner in Des Moines Saturday night.

Edwards used the day in Iowa on Saturday to practice his JJ speech at various campaign stops and his main event delivery was smooth. The speech included some new anti-Bush script ("He has led us from the edge of greatness to the edge of a cliff, and now it is time to run him out of town!") as well as a theme increasingly heard from the candidate.

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