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Out on the trail this line is apt to get attention, prepping listeners for the subsequent attack on President Bush. But the TV spot skips all that and instead cites Edwards 96 percent rating from the AFL-CIO on issues affecting working families and outlines his proposals for bringing jobs back to the states from overseas.

Read more from the trail with Edwards on LINK


From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

While everyone else is dining on rubber chicken at Saturday's J-J Dinner in Iowa, Senator Lieberman will be working the room at an event all about him, a fundraiser in DC. Lieberman needs to raise a lot of money to stay competitive and to stay solvent, but the campaign will not divulge any goals for the fourth quarter. They fell short of the 4 million they hoped for last quarter, so now they say they've learned not to make their predictions public.

Lieberman will spend the early part of next week in New Hampshire as part of the campaign's "Joe-vember to Remember," 17 days of Liebermans in New Hampshire. This time Senator Lieberman will have his mom, son Matt and granddaughter Willie in tow. Lieberman will file to participate in the New Hampshire primary on Monday.

A new Lieberman ad debuts in New Hampshire today.

Read more from the trail with Lieberman on LINK


Ann Coulter, no friend to unabashed liberals, lashes out at Kucinich by invoking his name in an editorial about the Terri Schiavo case in Florida, saying "Dennis Kucinich has been in a persistent vegetative state for 20 years — how about not feeding him? Why is Michael Schiavo so obsessed with pulling Terri's feeding tube? Why can't he just walk away?": LINK

The Washington Post 's Robin Givhan analyzes what each candidate's hair says about them. Kucinich, whose former untamed bowl cut was a source of much stress for staffers before he remedied the issue, gets a decent review: "Kucinich, 57, brushes his hair back away from his face and in that simple gesture manages to look looser and less prepackaged than the other candidates.": LINK

The count for entries is still at 16 but now the Web site has joined in the "Who Wants to be a First Lady?" competition: LINK


The Detroit News takes a look at Sharpton's Michigan operation and his support among local ministers and community groups. LINK

The Black Commentator has a biting commentary/narrative on the Sharpton effort and the breakdown that followed Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s endorsement of Howard Dean.

"Rev. Al Sharpton has torn a ragged hole in his own reputation, calling into question his capabilities as a leader. Morose and bathed in self-pity, the presidential candidate in late October descended into what resembled a slow motion, weeklong emotional breakdown, triggered weeks before by the resignation of campaign manager Frank Watkins, the long-time aide and confidant of the Jesse Jacksons, Senior and Junior." LINK

Robin Givhan (see Kucinich as well) also talks hair — and you can't do that without talking about Sharpton. The Post says Sharpton's hair, "a stunning James Brown flip is a triumph of chemicals and heat over nature. Over the years his hair has been parsed in a small volume of literature touching on race, class and sheer theatrical chutzpah." LINK

From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

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