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I'm "the family relative that is indeed working with Wes both at the organizational headquarters and also on the road." And he can literally choose where and when he wants to work. "I will be on the road with him," he explains, "and then all of a sudden I'll decide to go home and rake leaves."

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The Boston Globe 's Scot Lehigh reports on Gephardt's plan for an international minimum wage, and Notes, "Interestingly, the reviews are relatively good from both sides of the ideological aisle." LINK

The Detroit News' Oralandar Brand-Williams reports on Reverend Sharpton's and Congressman Gephardt's mobilization in Michigan as they open offices in Metro Detroit but fails to mention yesterday's endorsements for Gephardt from five prominent Michigan state senators, two state representatives and a Wayne State University Governor. Brand-Williams reports, "Gephardt who plans to make a 'major policy speech regarding urban issues' in Detroit Nov. 25, has been closely aligned with organized labor during his political career, and hopes to capitalize on that relationship Feb. 7." LINK

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

The majority of Gephardt supporters won't be attending this year's J-J dinner because they'll be standing outside. The campaign has organized hundreds of people, some carpooling all the way from Missouri, to canvass door-to-door all day, and all over Polk County. Their goal is to knock on over 100,000 doors. Then, supporters will hold a rally outside the auditorium prior to the dinner — and there they will stay.

Gephardt staffers say the strategy has nothing to do with their financial resources, or lack thereof. Bill Burton, Gephardt's Iowa press secretary said "Gephardt has done this before and pulled out all the stops and the hot air balloon, but in the end it doesn't help you build your organization. Building support on the street is what a campaign needs to win. The Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner, while an important and necessary fundraiser for the Iowa Democratic Party, is not a show of organizational strength. It is a fundraiser for which two candidates have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars."

To his delight, Burton drew the number one speaking slot, so Gephardt will speak first. But, don't expect big cheers and huge applause in the auditorium when Gephardt fires off a Bush jab or a Dean slam. His supporters will be cheering from the steps.

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Edwards airs his second ad in Iowa, the AP reports. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

Senator Edwards finished up fundraising in New York and Florida yesterday, and is back on the campaign trail Friday in South Carolina, where he will pack more campaigning into one day than he has in weeks in that state.

A new ad was on the air in Iowa yesterday. Part of the spot was filmed in early October at a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids. Edwards is shown in front of an audience delivering one of his stump speech regulars, "Did you know we're in an economic recovery right now? What they call a jobless economic recovery? Where I grew up, if you don't have a job you don't have a recovery."

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