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Congressman Gephardt, Senator Edwards, Senator Lieberman, Congressman Kucinich, Reverend Sharpton, and Ambassador Moseley Braun all have no public events today.

House of Labor:

Three Wise Men report on today's SEIU and AFSCME Union:

Dan Balz chronicles the Stern-McEntee affair's timeline, offering lots of delicious details (our favorite was the "spread of lox and bagels" McEntee laid out for Stern) on McEntee's impossible-to-refuse offer of a double wedding that, according to Candidate Dean, sends the signal "that two people who know me well and who know inside Washington well think we're the most likely person to beat George Bush." LINK

Steven Greenhouse focuses on the Civil War storyline, writing on the industrial vs. service-sector split in organized labor, with only one John Sweeney saying there's no split to speak of. LINK

Ron Brownstein reports on the Dean rights and the other candidates' wrongs that led to today's Big Event, positing that today's endorsement "could stand as an enduring turning point" in the Democratic nomination race and offering a key last graph on McEntee's strategizing. LINK

And in our effort to stay one day ahead of the news large and small, ABC News' Gayle Tzemach reports that leaders of SEIU's New Hampshire Local 1984 will meet tomorrow to talk endorsements.

Says the State Employees Association of New Hampshire President Paul Stokes, "We are going to take it to our board of directors tomorrow. We had a pre-meeting with our political education committee that was very positive."

As for how Dean is doing there in New Hampshire, Stokes says, "I think he has captured the imagination of a lot of our members. That is what driving this, it is coming from the bottom up. The reason today's decision is coming is that our members say (Dean's) the guy, and that is what it looks like to us, too."

Also, keep an eye on the Quad Cities this afternoon. ABC's Tzemach has learned that the United Auto Workers Region 4, which, interestingly enough, includes Iowa, will decide on an endorsement there at 3:30 pm ET.

ABC News Vote 2004: The Invisible Primary:

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman looks at how the presidential hopefuls spent Veterans' Day and their efforts to woo that politically au currant crowd. LINK

Howie Kurtz loves the wide variety in the world of television campaign ads. He reports that the new TV spot from Edwards hawks policies and the new one from Kerry hawks himself. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Mark Jurkowitz hates phony television. He writes up CNN's apology for planting a debate question — and a stupid one at that.LINK

Senators are discussing the need for a raise in spending caps on a public funding system that some say has outlived its utility. LINK

Democrats are trying to tap into Bob Graham's longtime fundraising base, reaching out to voters in South Florida. LINK

Third place is only remotely interesting in horseshoes, sayeth the Wall Street Journal editorial board. Being the Comeback Kid is all well and good, but if a candidate's in it for the nomination, there's just not enough Mo in showing. It's about winning.

The Note disagrees and will have more to say about this later.


Glen Justice writes on Kerry's imminent decision on whether to accept public financing, Noting "despite the risks, many campaign finance experts and rival campaigns say they expect Mr. Kerry to act in favor of spending his own money." LINK

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