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"Ronald Reagan overhauled the top management of his campaign in 1980 even as New Hampshire Republicans were at the polls choosing him as their candidate in a landslide over George H.W. Bush; four years ago, Democrat Al Gore shook up the top management of his campaign. In both cases, the candidates went on to capture the party's nomination."

The Boston Globe 's Patrick Healy writes that Cahill was brought in to "to revive [Kerry's] candidacy before it is eclipsed by [Dean]." LINK

The Globe's Anne Kornblut writes, "With his decision to publicly dump his campaign manager this week, [Kerry] offers a vivid snapshot of the anguish spreading through some corners of the Democratic field as [Dean] barrels toward the presidential nomination with increasing velocity." LINK

The Globe's Glen Johnson reports that Kerry "spent months courting Jeanne Shaheen to be his national campaign chairwoman, eager to tap the former New Hampshire governor's popularity and political skills both in her early-voting home state and before audiences across the country." LINK

The Globe's Alex Beam writes, "After months of torpor, the Kerry-Heinz empire is finally striking back." LINK

The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga writes that "insiders contend Kerry himself has been the campaign's real problem." LINK

And in one of those haunting Kennedy-had-a-secretary-named-Lincoln-and-Lincoln-had-a-secretary-named-Kennedy freaky coincidences LINK, Jordan's departure yesterday coincided exactly with the very first day of work of new Kerry communications director David Morehouse, who showed up with matching Trapper Keeper and lunch box, only to find out he had a new boss to suck up to. LINK

Recall that Wes Clark's current communications director, Matt Bennett, starting HIS job about an hour after Donny Fowler departed as Clark's campaign manager.


Reports also from:

USA Today 's Jim Drinkard: LINK

The Washington Post 's Jim VandeHei: LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Jonathan Roos: LINK

Knight Ridder's James Kuhnhenn: LINK

"More staffers are expected to quit soon," reports the New York Daily News' Helen Kennedy. LINK

Former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen was reportedly running the show yesterday as Kerry made his campaign manager switch, reports the Concord Monitor's Jennifer Skalka. LINK

Deborah Orin leads with the aircraft carrier ad, but saves her best stuff for a bit further down. LINK

"Like Gore, Kerry is plagued by a muddled message, wooden style and feuding staffers (many of them ex-Gore aides). Rivals said dumping the tartly witty Jordan is scapegoating and ignores the real problem — Kerry's trouble in wooing voters."

Don't miss the $300-$400 million figure Republicans are predicting President Bush can raise for his re-election campaign. We wonder when Ms. Orin and Jack Oliver last spoke.

Liz Halloran of the Hartford Courant keys off the Kerry campaign shakeup to take a look at the not-so-warm relationship between Senator Kerry and Governor Dean. LINK

Salon looks at the new-and-improved Candidate Kerry, finding the Senator "confident" his campaign is "back on track" and offering readers this assurance: "'We just got up on TV. We're now there, and I feel very good about it. I'm not as far behind as Gore was behind Bradley [at this point in 1999]. We're doing very well.'" LINK

The Chicago Tribune discusses Kerry's need for a change of dynamics, as he continues to trail Howard Dean. LINK

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