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The Arizona Republic's Jon Kamman reports that Clark said yesterday that he shares views similar to Arizona Republican Senator John McCain and Republican Congressmen Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake, who together are sponsoring a bill "aimed at curbing undocumented immigration from Mexico by creating a guest-worker program." LINK

Dick Morris writes in his New York Post op-ed that Clark is losing momentum into the early primaries because of his flip-flop on issues, limited financial resources, and fading popularity. Morris says, "OLD soldiers who run for president, to paraphrase MacArthur, never die, they just fade away. Wesley Clark has just faded." LINK

Morris continues to believe that Dean's success is based on the Internet and gay money nearly alone.

South Carolina vets are intrigued by Clark, writes the AP's Susanne Schafer, but are certainly not guaranteed for The General. LINK

Page Six calls Clark desperate to be hip for putting Outkast's Andre 3000 and Big Boi into his Rock the Vote TV spot. LINK

Andrew DeMillo of the Arkansas Democratic Gazette lays out the Clark campaign's new online strategy. LINK

The Arkansas Democratic Gazette reports that Clark will attend a fund-raiser on November 21 at the home of Morriss and Ann Henry of Fayetteville, Arkansas, longtime friends and political allies of former President Clinton. LINK

Despite the title, Clark's book "Winning Modern Wars" is largely a campaign primer for The General, according to the Washington Times ' Gary Anderson. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

How will Clark's military experience shape his campaign? That's a question that is "probably too soon to answer," Clark told reporters Friday. The only retired four-star general in the race, Clark's 34 years in military service have defined his campaign from its early days. At almost every campaign event, General Clark will stop, sometimes with jarring awkwardness in the midst of talking about Iraq, to ask the audience if any veterans are present and for them to please raise their hands so they can be recognized.

The General is in New Hampshire today through Friday with scheduled stops in honor of Veteran's Day. Clark Communications Director Matt Bennett told ABC News that Clark "feels like there's just not enough deference placed to people who served their country" and he "hopes to provide them with respect."

Clark was recently asked if a military background is important to have as a candidate. "I think first-hand, practical leadership experience is important for the commander in chief," Clark answered. "And I think if you have that experience in foreign affairs, then it's even better. So I've been lucky, I have a lot of high-level, first hand experience in foreign affairs."

Read more from the trail with Clark on LINK


Rachel Swarns of The New York Times writes about Congressman Gephardt's unlikely successes in what seems like "the year of the outsider." LINK

"It may seem to run against the grain in a campaign season in which the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the Republican governor-elect of California and Dr. Dean, the former governor of Vermont, has become a driving force in the Democratic presidential race. But given his résumé, Mr. Gephardt has little choice, and something seems to be working for him right now — at least in Iowa, the first caucus state."

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

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