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What he did say is that he and Elizabeth have had four children, an unusually spread out family with one daughter in college and two under the age of six. "I am connected at the breastbone to my children … my younger children are right on top of me when I am home and that is exactly where I want them, they are simply the joy of my life," he said, describing coaching basketball and soccer through the years.

He did not talk about Wade, but the subject has been covered in the national print and broadcast media. As the campaign continues Edwards will most likely have to address it more than once again. And for Edwards, as he himself told a supporter in Iowa who also lost a child, the pain never leaves.

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Gephardt: The Des Moines Register 's Lynn Okamoto reports that Congressman Gephardt told Iowa voters Wednesday that "he's 'furious' at President Bush for not getting the United Nations to help." LINK

Ben Goddard writes in The Hill that the Democratic race has come down to Gephardt and Dean, two candidates who are running very different campaigns.

"Gephardt and Dean are mirror images of each other. Dean burst into the lead with his strong opposition to the war in Iraq. Gephardt plods along with his message of jobs lost, healthcare unavailable and trade policies ruining economies in thousands of American communities." LINK

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Lieberman: The AP says Lieberman will avoid a Florida straw poll, though he feels "badly" about it. LINK

Hartford Courant's Elizabeth Hamilton reports that Lieberman removed himself from consideration for an endorsement from the Caucus of Connecticut Democrats rather than face the possibility of losing it. "The irony, of course, is that Lieberman was a founding member of the CCD when it was created in the late 1960s by some of the state's leading liberals in reaction to the Vietnam War." LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

After Senator Lieberman's Wednesday morning event at Nashua defense contractor BAE Systems, reporters wanted to know Lieberman's thoughts on the explosive exchange between Howard Dean and the other candidates at the Rock the Vote forum.

Lieberman said he was puzzled by Dean's refusal to admit he'd made a mistake. And apparently, he did not regard Dean's "clumsy" remarks that afternoon as an apology.

Following Dean's speech, Lieberman issued a statement saying, "While I am glad that Governor Dean now regrets the pain his words have caused, he continues to stubbornly refuse to admit he made a mistake in the first place. Part of the test of leadership is being willing to admit when you have made a mistake. Governor Dean has not met this test."

At BAE, Lieberman said that Dean's decision to opt out to the matching funds system would be "inconsistent" with his prior support of campaign finance reform. "I'm in the system," Lieberman said with a chuckle. "And working hard at it."

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Kucinich: USA Today focuses on the faulty Ohio nuclear (run by Kucinich arch-enemy First Energy) and the Congressman's involvement in the issue: LINK

Santa Cruz, California, is "Kucinich country" according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel's LeBarth, and apparently locals are waiting for the candidate's arrival this weekend: LINK

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