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The AP's Fournier, master of the lead, goes with Congressman Kucinich's personal ad at the top of his write-up: LINK's Pindell also recounts Kucinich's "personal ad": LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

In a first for his campaign, Congressman Kucinich may just have been the most talked about candidate in the spin room last night after the Planned Parenthood Candidates Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Responding to the question about what role the candidates' significant others would play in their administrations, the twice-divorced Kucinich had a bit of fun with the notion of being a bachelor president: "Maybe Fox wants to sponsor a national contest!" Over the roar of laughter, Kucinich went on to describe his perfect mate: dynamic, outspoken, dedicated to world peace and universal single payer health care (more laughs from the audience). He finished off with "If you're out there, call me!"

Read more from the trail with Kucinich on LINK

Moseley Braun: Ambassador Moseley Braun appears for a live discussion on today at 2:00 pm ET. LINK

From ABC News' Moseley Braun campaign reporter Monica Ackerman:

The "Seabiscuit campaign" is how Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun describes her run for the presidency. But can she pull out in front of the crowd? She's still campaigning and has participated in every debate, even if it means driving herself there. Today in Chicago she plans on getting some extra help. Mike Fitzgerald, Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 134, is giving Carol Moseley Braun his personal endorsement. Her campaign calls Fitzgerald "one of Chicago's most prominent and powerful leaders."

As for Governor Dean's apology regarding the Confederate flag, Braun said, "I'm very happy about that; I'm glad he did. I think it helps us get past the issue all together."

Read more from the trail with Moseley Braun on LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: The Invisible Primary: The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson reports on the Planned Parenthood candidates' forum in Manchester last night, where "[the] balance of the 90-minute session was tamer than the face-off the candidates had a night earlier, a cooling attributed to Howard Dean's decision yesterday to apologize for saying last week that he sought the support of Southerners who display the Confederate flag." LINK

The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga has sound bites from the forum. LINK

The event was far more subdued than Tuesday's Rock the Vote forum, writes John DiStaso. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Bob Davis and Jake Schlesinger follow yesterday's story on White House proposals for Americans to save money with a look at the Democratic presidential hopefuls' plans for saving. They also set up the campaign season finger-pointing on the economy and the dilemma of offering plans for low- and middle-income families while slipping businesses and the wealthy sweeteners as well.

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