The Note

-- whether the worse news long-term for Terry McAuliffe is found in Tuesday's election results or the CBS cave on the Reagan movie

-- Medicare

-- what Karl Rove will (justifiably) do with "that" memo from the Democratic staff of the Senate Intelligence (sic) Committee

-- the couture of Wesley Clark and Dennis Kucinich

-- the sheer number of promos CNN ran for Total Anderson Cooper Live, including (we kid you not) at least one that aired AFTER the event!

Our gut tells us that the Dean decision on campaign finance looms largest now and for the next few months.

Despite the bravado that the Kerry and Clark campaigns have shown, despite the disdain they have for Howard Dean, and as much as they hope that the flag flap flags Dean down — we can't imagine anyone else being willing to risk leaving the federal matching funds on the table.

Dean's decision (assuming his supporters support his move) is about Joe Trippi and Howard Dean once again putting their foot on the accelerator and thinking about the general election — while their opponents stop, think, look, consider, meet, call consultants, meet again, defer, delay, and dither.

And Dean's decision is about rolling the dice for a match-up against George Bush — not winning the nomination fight (although it surely has implications for that battle as well).

Dean makes his announcement in Gotham City just after noon today, and the election of his supporters runs through the weekend. Not since Bill Clinton drove around Arkansas with Wes Clark wingman Bruce Lindsey has a politician so synthetically turned to the public to validate a decision already made.

President Bush meets with the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and signs the Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003 in D.C. today. He will sign the Iraq Supplemental tomorrow afternoon.

Governor Dean, General Clark, Senator Kerry, Senator Lieberman, Senator Edwards, and Ambassador Moseley Braun all campaign today in New Hampshire. All of them except Lieberman are scheduled to take part in a Planned Parenthood-sponsored candidate forum in Manchester tonight.

All of the candidates were invited to participate in this forum that aims to focus on women's issues. New Hampshire Public Radio's Laura Knoy will moderate, and she will be joined by syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman and NPR's Robin Young. The New Hampshire Women's Lobby, YWCA, New Hampshire Business and Professional Women Organization, and the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence are also co-hosts of the event.

Congressman Gephardt campaigns in Iowa.

Congressman Kucinich has no public events announced for today. He might go to the Planned Parenthood forum in Manchester tonight, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Reverend Sharpton campaigns in D.C. and New York City today.

The Reagan movie:

CBS folds under pressure from conservatives, sells their Reagan movie to sister network Showtime, reports the Chicago Tribune. LINK

The questions about the Reagan miniseries aren't over, however.

We've learned the Republican National Committee's Ed Gillespie has sent a letter to Showtime saying "the only proper thing to do is to correct the imbalance and have the program reviewed for historical accuracy or inform viewers that it is a fictionalized portrayal and not intended to be historically accurate."

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