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Attention RNC oppo shop (there's gotta be a "They Said It" here somewhere!). George McGovern likes Dean but despite the Playboy prose, he's not committed yet — check here for his kind words for The General — and, he says, the Class of 72 was "more capable" than this year's crop. LINK

The New York Times tells the aspiring White House Dems to stop hunting one another and focus on the Senate, "which is on the verge of debating a truly retrogressive step on the nation's tortuous path toward workable gun controls." LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's editorial board says not only that the Democrats' economic plans fall far from the Clinton tree, but basically that they're delusional. Any editorial that works in the word "diktat" is OK by us.


The New York Times ' Wilgoren gets an unnamed campaign official to describe Dean's decision to poll backers on whether to forgo federal matching funds as a "way to provide political cover for abandoning the system." LINK

Mark Z. Barabak writes up Howard Dean's "Your Country, Your Campaign, Your Decision" e-mail and Jim Jordan's reaction to it. LINK

"'Before he was so flush with cash, Howard Dean was an ardent and passionate supporter of the matching-fund system,' said Jim Jordan, manager of Kerry's campaign. 'Now that his situation has changed, of course, so have his views on that system. More flip-flops, more politics of convenience, more politics as usual.'"

Note Barabak has this: "Last week, while campaigning in California, Dean told potential supporters he had already decided to forgo public financing, according to people who attended the closed-door sessions."

According the AP's Ron Fournier, Dean is letting some 600,000 of his supporters decide whether he should seek matching funds or opt out.LINK

The Washington Post 's Dan Balz and Tom Edsall write up the Dean money vote. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont Notes, "The decision is a dilemma for Dean … " LINK

Jeanne Cummings of the Wall Street Journal looks at the "if Dean goes, so go Kerry and Clark" dynamic on the issue of public financing for their presidential candidates, and briefly Notes how the others picked on the poor guy during Tuesday's debate.

The Boston Globe 's Raja Mishra reports, "A blizzard of small-money contributions enabled [Dean] to raise more money in Massachusetts recently than [Kerry], underscoring the former Vermont governor's powerful appeal among liberal Democrats, even in a rival's backyard." LINK

Dick Morris apparently didn't get Howard Dean's "Your Country, Your Campaign, Your Decision" e-mail. LINK

"Most of the Democrats, probably including Dean, will accept federal matching funds, which place sharp limits on their allowable campaign spending in the period before the Democratic National Convention."

Jeff Zeleny discusses the attacks on Dean during yesterday's Rock the Vote, and his stubborn refusal to apologize. LINK

Dean's remarks on the rebel flag may hurt him as his campaign looks south, writes the Orlando Sentinel.LINK

The Tampa Tribune has a different take.LINK

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