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"Kerry campaign officials describe Morehouse as a no-frills operative who had been considered for the job for a while and turned down an offer from the Clark campaign to be communications director. It's no secret the Kerry campaign is seen in some quarters has having message problems, popularity problems, and consistency problems in both New Hampshire and Iowa. The campaign hopes Morehouse can do more than fill those holes."

"'I look forward to working with John Kerry for whom I have a great deal of respect because of his record of taking on special interests, his service in combat to his country, and his commitment to stand up to George W. Bush,' Morehouse told ABC News. 'Translation for the highly sophisticated readers of the Note, I think my guy can beat Bush.'"

"Morehouse, a former Gore aide and trip director who can be remembered as the butt of the occasional practical joke in 2000, will join the campaign full-time in about two weeks. Probably best remembered as the Gore staffer who ran into the holding room to start the ball rolling on a potential problem in Florida, Morehouse re-enters politics after two years at Harvard University working with government executives to establish academic programs."


From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

"Senator Lieberman re-launched his campaign two weeks ago, but he said Monday was the first day of the rest of his campaign. Team Lieberman launched 'to track Bush's broken promises and brazen deceptions,' and the Senator set off in the WinnebaJoe for Rochester, Durham, and Goffstown, New Hampshire."

"Now the campaign is preparing to intensify its New Hampshire push by releasing its first ads later this week."

"A source close to the campaign says there will be two 30-second spots: one on tax reform and the other on funding the troops in Iraq. Could the latter contain any of the charges we heard in Sunday night's debate? If so, a certain Vietnam vet or two may be pretty upset."

AP's Holly Ramer has this preview of the Lieberman ads. LINK

In the Hartford Courant's "Caucus" column, David Lightman describes Senator Lieberman as "a boxer without a ring." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson reports that Lieberman "declared [Monday] that his own road to the White House begins in New Hampshire, as he sought to distinguish himself from his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination by citing his integrity." LINK

Edwards: Tom Beaumont of the Des Moines Register heard Senator Edwards criticize the president "for a tax-cut proposal on savings and pensions expected next year, calling it an election-year giveaway." LINK

The Los Angeles Times James Rainey explores why John Edwards campaign for the White House doesn't seem to be catching fire — yet. Note how Professor Sabato equates keeping Edwards' "hopes alive" with making a third place showing in Iowa. LINK

"He receives high marks for his message and its presentation. But so far, such favorable reactions have translated into little steadfast support. Analysts speculate that the first-term senator simply remains too much of an unknown to most voters. And some suggest he may best be suited for the second spot on the Democratic ticket."

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