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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—9:00 am: Senator Joe Lieberman addresses the National Latino Police Officers Association, D.C. —9:30 am: Senate convenes for legislative business —10:00 am: House convenes for a pro forma session —10:30 am: General Wesley Clark visits a learning center, Salem, N.H. —11:00 am: Senator John Edwards attends SEIU Local 199's "Dignity Congress," Miami —12:35 pm: Vice President Cheney delivers remarks at a Bush-Cheney 2004 fundraiser, New York City —1:00 pm: Senator John Kerry holds an economic event, Seacoast, N.H. —2:00 pm: Congressman Dick Gephardt attends the UAW CAP conference, Des Moines —2:00 pm: Congressman Dennis Kucinich holds a press conference, Portsmouth, N.H. —3:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich visits a retirement center, Exeter, N.H. —3:30 pm: Congressman Gephardt participates in a roundtable discussion on health care and tax cuts, Des Moines —3:35 pm: Governor Howard Dean appears on the Mitch Albom radio show —3:45 pm: Congressman Kucinich meets with students at a teen center, Exeter, N.H. —4:30 pm: Congressman Kucinich meets with student activists, Exeter, N.H. —5:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich attends a campaign office opening, Portsmouth, N.H. —6:00 pm: Congressman Gephardt meets with Madison County Democrats, Winterset, Iowa —6:30 pm: Vice President and Mrs. Cheney attend a private Bush-Cheney 2004 fundraiser, Ellis Island, N.Y. —7:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich attends a public forum, Exeter, N.H. —8:00 pm: Congressman Gephardt meets with Adair County Democrats, Greenfield, Iowa


Another day, another Note, and another humble and microscopic attempt to gently recalibrate The Filter to make sure that everyone feels they are being treated fairly.

Let's see: the Republicans are more than likely to nominate George W. Bush as their standard bearer next summer, and the Washington press corps daily covers both his campaign and his government with intense intensity and relentless relentlessness.

"Get off the president's back!" is about the nicest thing a certain class of POTUS supporters say in e-mails to The Note, seeing in our work, they say, the same harsh negativity and anti-Republicanism that they believe infuses the entire dominant media.

There are too many stories even to list today that would have been bombshells for an Administration that was once-upon-a-time focused on secrecy, discipline, collegiality, and success.

The New York Times suggests Republicans on the Hill and at the White House are down on Rummy (you must-read that); on the front, the Washington Post suggests George Tenet's pre-war intelligence was not so good; inside, the Post 's Pincus does his Sy Hersh imitation and says the NIE was "hurriedly pulled together"; we could go on.

The upside for the Democrats who (for some reason) want the president's job (and the scrutiny that comes with it) is that the mistakes that they make (and those made by their campaigns) are given 1/800th of the attention by the media than that given the White House.

The crack RNC research/communications shop — well that is a different matter. They pay CLOSE attention to the other side.

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