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According to a campaign press release, Kucinich campaign lawyer "Donald J. McTigue has sent a letter to all of the television stations broadcasting in New Hampshire asking that they 'not air or immediately cease and desist from airing' an advertisement produced by [the Dean] campaign, and requesting that they 'provide Kucinich for President, Inc. air time equivalent to the time in which you have already aired the advertisement free of charge so that Congressman Kucinich may have an opportunity to correct the falsehoods contained in the advertisement.'" Here's the full release: LINK

Sharpton: From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

"A Gallup poll of African-American voters conducted for the National Newspapers Publishers Association shows Reverent Sharpton at 22%, 9 points ahead of runner-up General Wesley Clark. According to Rachel Noerdlinger, Sharpton's press aide, the campaign is pleasantly surprised by the fact that Gallup did a poll of African-American voters, as Sharpton often argues that nobody ever polls African-Americans."

Moseley Braun: From ABC News' Moseley Braun campaign reporter Monica Ackerman:

"Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun gave the keynote speech at an award ceremony hosted by the Harris County (Texas) Women's Political Caucus which is affiliated with the National Woman's Political Caucus. Her NOW and NWPC endorsements in September have yet to show much of a financial reward for Moseley Braun's campaign."

"Braun spoke to about two dozen people of the 'sticky floor' which she describes as women who are trapped because of their gender. In terms of gender issues abroad, she said women in Afghanistan will be helped when women in our country are helped because 'we can become advocates for them.' She Noted,'that was not a stump speech … I reckon that this was not the setting, I wanted to speak in more general terms.'"

Democratic National Convention: The Boston Globe 's Frank Phillips reports that Boston Mayor Tom Menino and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson seem to have calmed some tensions between the city's host committee and the national committee. LINK

Phillips writes, "While it's not unusual for convention organizers to differ with their hosts, the problems in Boston stem from Menino's close hold on many details and decisions in the planning, party sources said."

Iowa: The battle continues.

Writing in a not-so-quaint paper, the Des Moines Register 's former editorial page editor Gilbert Cranberg says candidates won't miss much by skipping the Hawkeye State. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's John Carlson tells those New York Times writers where they can take their "quaint" opinions. LINK

Michigan: With Michigan poised to play a pivotal role in deciding the Democratic nominee, there is a special urgency for the candidates to debate well there, reports the Detroit News. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect: President Bush was in Honolulu yesterday for a Bush-Cheney fund-raiser that brought in more than $600,000. Campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel said 600 people attended the evening event, where the president addressed the war on terror and other policy issues that will be critical in the election year, like education, energy and health care.

The president reiterated his message that the campaign has not yet started for the Bush-Cheney team: "The political season will come in its own time. I've got a job to do. And there's a lot on the agenda in Washington." LINK

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