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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—8:30 am: Representative Dick Gephardt attends a closed meeting with the Bricklayers Union Executive Council, D.C. —9:30 am: Senate convenes for legislative business —10:00 am: House convenes for legislative business —10:30 am: Senator John Edwards has breakfast with Iowa County Democrats, Williamsburg, Iowa —11:30 am: Senator Joe Lieberman holds a town hall meeting with seniors on Social Security and Medicare, Pembroke Pines, Fla —11:45 am: Senator Edwards has coffee with Democratic activists, Sigourney, Iowa —12:30 pm: Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger introduces President Bush before he makes remarks on the war on terror, Riverside, Calif. —1:00 pm: Senator Edwards meets with Washington County Democrats, Washington, Iowa —1:30 pm: Vice President Cheney makes remarks at a Bush-Cheney 2004 fundraiser, Fort Worth, Texas —2:00 pm: Governor Howard Dean delivers an economic policy address at Georgetown University, D.C. —5:00 pm: Governor Dean attends the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 25 meeting, D.C. —7:30 pm: Governor Dean keynotes the annual Virginia Kennedy-King Dinner, Alexandria, Va. —9:00 pm: Congressman Dennis Kucinich speaks at the Josephine Butler Community Park Center, D.C.


Insta-Pulitzers of the day ("must-read" has become so devalued):

1. The Boston Globe 's superstar Anne Kornblut's curtain-raising of today's Ted Kennedy's blistering Iraq Senate floor speech, complete with awesome blind quotes from both the Senator's side and the White House and the backstory of the declining relationship, complete with reporting on the recent scolding call from Andy Card (pronounced "Kaad," at Fenway) to the Senior Senator after the last outburst. LINK

2. The New York Times masterful G-Men — Johnston and Lichtblau — on how some at DOJ/FBI think Ashcroft needs a quick Wilson recusal to set things right. LINK

3. The New York Times Broder and Stevenson powerfully teaming up to curtain-raise 43/T3, including a staggering second-to-last paragraph: LINK

"Although officials in Washington have made no public commitments to additional aid for California, a request has been sent to federal agencies to scour the books for payments that California is eligible for but has not yet claimed. These would provide a no-cost way for the White House to claim credit for opening the spigot to California."

4. Amy Goldstein in the Washington Post on the possibility of Medicare means testing that is as explosive as they come. LINK

5. Because it is Thursday, the Union Leader's leader, John DiStaso's "Granite Status" is of course on our list — what with stuff on Pam Walsh's view of the J-J; Howard Dean being warned to "be careful" over his District flirtation; following on the Iowa hit someone in another campaign was nice enough to make, a New Hampshire ding for Joe Lieberman's past support for regional primaries; and, naturally, much much more. LINK

6. Donnie Fowler's tour de force letter, courtesy of Roll Call , in which the departed Wes Clark campaign manager dispenses some advice to the candidate, including (implicitly) that Mark Fabiani should give up La Jolla and the kids for Doe's and The Heights.

7. David Yepsen, writing up the AARP event, and treating Howard Dean as if he is, dear goodness, Tom Vilsack — calling him the "ultimate panderer"! LINK

Dynamics to watch today:

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