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Mark Fabiani issued a statement Wednesday saying Clark's paid speeches were "appropriate" but The General will nevertheless return the money. LINK


It's not exactly "Morning in America," now is it?

Howard Dean lunches with the New York Times , telling the paper "what the president is doing is setting the stage for the failure of America."

Notes the Times , Dean "spent most of the interview answering questions about foreign policy, attacking President Bush on Iraq and North Korea and promising to send former President Bill Clinton to the Middle East as a peace broker." LINK

The New York Post 's Deborah Orin picks up on Dean's flip-flop over the meaning of Arnold's victory. LINK

"Howard Dean claimed Arnold's victory was really a rebellion against 'George Bush's massive tax cuts.' Oh really? That sure was a quick flip-flop."

"On election eve, Dean e-mailed his California fans to oppose Arnold, telling them that a Terminator win 'would make it significantly more difficult for the Democrats to win California in the 2004 presidential election.'"

The Boston Globe 's Sarah Schweitzer writes about how Dean's official papers as governor landed in the vault for 10 years instead of the usual six years for his predecessors (many of whom did not run for president). LINK

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

"The Service Employees International Union will next consider making a possible presidential endorsement on November 6, and it's hard to find a Dean staffer who is not giddy about the prospect of getting it. That's not to say that Dean has it in the bag, and SEIU sources say that the board will put off making a final decision until several waves of internal polling are crunched later this month."

"But Dean's wooing and successful courtship of SEIU leaders in Los Angeles and San Francisco and New York City, his focus on health care, his explicitly pro-union rhetoric, his anti-Bush, anti-establishment message, his fundraising and his standing in the polls make him undeniably attractive to a union seeking to broaden its influence within the labor movement and ensure that its core issues get addressed."

So there could be Purple People-Powered Howard in our futures.


Gephardt picked up his 16th labor endorsement Wednesday. LINK

"The Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, which represents 120,000 workers, said it would back the Missouri congressman because of his commitment to American workers."

Chrissy Gephardt toured Granite State schools. LINK


Lieberman went after Clark's squishiness on the Iraq war in what may be a preview of more attacks to come in tonight's Phoenix debate. LINK

Hadassah Lieberman told Harvard students to "vote your future." LINK


The Miami Herald reports Bob Graham continues to weigh his options when it comes to a reelection run. Complicating the decision: "Graham's growing interest in a Cabinet post should a Democrat win the White House next year, perhaps heading the Department of Homeland Security." LINK

Graham spokesman Paul Anderson says the Senator has been "deluged with phone calls" from colleagues, candidates and Democratic party leaders especially keen to see the Senator go for Term No. 3. Note the blind quote on Graham's veep chances in a run-vs.-no-run scenario. LINK

Moseley Braun:

Braun told Birmingham students: "Your vote really is your voice." LINK

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