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The Des Moines Register quotes Graham Iowa guru Shelia McGuire Riggs as saying Clark would be wise to pick up on the Florida Senator's operation there, gets Fabiani to say they are looking at Iowa, and offers Steve Hildebrand stating "'General Clark is the only candidate running for president who polls ahead of President Bush..It gives them incredible clout to pick up staffers who are interested in winning back the presidency'." LINK

And the Charlotte Observer says that now that one Southerner is out, the one with the military experience is going to benefit. LINK


Dean unveiled a $200 million program for "Welcome Baby" visits. LINK


New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell endorsed Kerry's presidential bid Tuesday and said he would co-chair Kerry's campaign in the Garden State. LINK


The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) will endorse Dick Gephardt for president today.

The Hill reports of corporate agricultures discontent with Gephardt. LINK


The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont has more on Edwards' plans for taxes and job growth. LINK


The Washington Post's Dana Milbank gets this:

"A legal source close to the case said White House officials are not panicked because they believe that even if officials revealed Plame's name and occupation to reporters, they may not have known she was undercover or may not have intended to expose that fact." LINK

"'Someone probably did screw up,' the source said. 'But in terms of a violation of criminal law that could lead to a criminal indictment, that seems pretty far-fetched.'"

Hamburger and Hitt of Dow Jones fame break a bit of news for those too close to the story about how Wilson got his Niger assignment.

The Los Angeles Times' Maura Reynolds has a comparable account from Wilson and writes up what she and her editors see as the Administration's "more combative approach" in dealing with the leak investigation. LINK

Pointy-headed academics and Democratic partisans (not, as Mike Collins would have you think, exactly the same thing) think the President's words and White House actions are chilling the leak investigation, the Chicago Tribune's William "Bill" Neikirk reports. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

With around $80 million in the campaign chest, the Bush-Cheney campaign is now deciding how and when to spend it, the Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen reports. LINK

The BC04 team has decided -- after considering the alternative -- to hold off on putting up television ads at the moment, and instead continues to focus (some would say like a laser) on achieving that $170 million fundraising goal.

Karl Rove "insisted those talks were not inspired by the drop in Bush's job-approval ratings."

"'We have discussed an appropriate point [to launch political ads], but the idea of doing that now is just totally not true,'" Rove said.

How DOES Ed Chen get these White House cats on the record?

The Washington Post's Mike Allen reports that the White House will launch a "public relations offensive" to convince Americans that progress is being in made in Iraq and combat what the administration views as a public relations problem. LINK

The Pennsylvania BC04 "campaign leadership team" outlines a plan for President Bush to carry the Keystone State next year, after losing by just over 200,000 votes in 2000. LINK

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