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"'I am delighted to bring such an able and experienced campaign professional on board to manage my campaign,' Sharpton said of his new campaign manager, Charles Halloran, Wednesday. 'Charles Halloran will take over my bid for the Democratic nomination by conducting a full audit of our operation while ramping up and refocusing our national grassroots effort. We have already doubled our last quarter's FEC filing for contributions and are securing new fundraising dates daily including the Gala Birthday Celebration October 14 hosted by Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, and P. Diddy at Jay-Z's new club 40/40.'"

"While Halloran is not yet ready to jump in to the campaign full force, he is taking control of the fundraising effort. He says he believes his business savvy will be an asset to a campaign for which business hasn't been so good. He has been focused on the Sharpton Birthday fundraiser, but even if there's a huge turnout, it will be virtually impossible to know whether it means Halloran is a fundraising rock star or if attendees just want to hang out with rap stars."

"Sharpton talked to about Schwarzenegger, Mrs. Sharpton, the war and running mates this week. He also told Playboy that he believes the media is not taking his campaign seriously, and that he will prove a point to the media with the outcome of the February 4 South Carolina primary. (Note: This interview took place before Sharpton lost Kevin Gray, the invaluable South Carolina coordinator.)"

"'Most polls have me in the middle,' Sharpton told Playboy. 'The guys behind me take me seriously, and the guys ahead of me take me seriously because we are gaining momentum. I think [the media] are being dismissive of people on the left in general, particularly people of color. The good news is that because they do that, they are going to wake up shocked when I come in with the vote. I bet a lot of pollsters are going to lose their jobs when we get finished with these primaries.'"

"I asked Sharpton if he thinks some find it impossible to take him seriously in part because of his 'one-liner' approach to the debates. He said, 'I think that when others say something, it's witty. When I say other things it's dismissive. I think that when you look at the fact that I'm in their polls ahead of people like Bob Graham and John Edwards-well financed people. How do you minimize that … when no one can win without the black vote?'"


The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont reports on the latest Iowa maneuverings, including Graham's new Des Moines apartment and Dean's 50 new staffers. LINK

David Yepsen speculates on Governor Vilsack's future — if he really doesn't run for a third term. LINK

And The Note to the Governor: some of your "friends" in the national media are waiting for you in Los Angeles, and while there is no Latin King Restaurant here, there is some good food. LINK

Democratic National Convention:

The Boston Globe 's Yvonne Abraham reports on how the DNC is catering to big donors in Boston — and we mean more than just the food! LINK

California recall, Arnold:

Splashed across the front page of the Los Angeles Times is this headline: "Women Say Schwarzenegger Groped, Humiliated Them"

Printing this story five days before the election will only add to Schwarzenegger's argument that the Los Angeles Times' coverage of this recall is somewhat slanted. However, these kinds of investigative pieces take time to come to fruition. Lots of t's to cross and i's to dot.

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