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USA Today 's Jill Lawrence writes, "The registration news surprised some close to Clark. George Bruno, a top adviser to Clark, said he talked to Clark 'a couple of weeks ago, and it was my understanding that it was changed.' Bruno said Clark's GOP past does not disturb him: 'I saw him on the stump the other day in New Hampshire, and he seemed like a very committed, take-no-prisoners kind of Democrat to me.'" LINK

Lawrence also Notes, "Fabiani said Dean and others sought Clark's advice over the past few months and all said 'positive things' about him. Their criticism now 'is a sure sign of politicians feeling the heat,' he said."

John DiStaso looks at the mystery of Clark's party registration. LINK

"Last Friday in Manchester, we conducted a one-on-one interview" with Clark.

"We asked Clark: 'How long have you been a registered Democrat?'

"Clark answered, 'About, um, oh, I think it was maybe the third of September. Prior to that I wasn't anything … ."

But DiStaso has learned from BusinessWeek that "'according to the Pulaski County (Ark.) Voter Registrar's Office, the former four-star general remains a registered independent.'"

"What's up with this? we wondered."

"Clark spokesman Kym Spell told us last night that Clark was mistaken about his registration in his Union Leader interview. 'He had filled out the paperwork but it never got down to the office,' she said."

Professor Ross Baker does the "Clark and Ike" thing in USA Today . LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

"The who's who of Hollywood showed up at a fundraiser for General Wesley Clark Wednedsay evening, hosted by actors Mary Steenburgen (Arkansas native and FOB) and Ted Danson at their Los Angeles home. An attendee told ABC News that about 300 people showed up to the party and The General received two standing ovations during the course of the evening. Who showed up? Actors Tobey Maguire, Dennis Hopper, Danny DeVito, and Bradley Whitford (of the "West Wing" — called the "Wes Wing" in many of Clark supporter posters); actresses Helen Hunt, Laura Dern, and Morgan Fairchild; singer Sheryl Crow; and comedian Larry David.

Barbra Streisand was among those who attended another fundraiser for The General at the home of financer Norman Lear."

"Meanwhile, The General made the rounds on Capitol Hill Tuesday. Thirteen days after Clark stood in front of a crowd of supporters to announce his presidency, the once-regarded political outsider stood confidently among political insiders. Sixty-five Congressmen showed up in response to an open letter to the Democratic Caucus sent by 10 fellow Congressmen that included Congressmen Marion Berry (D-Ark.) and Rangel (D-N.Y.), asking them to come hear General Clark 'share his vision of the future' (The subliminal message? Endorse Clark)."

"On The General's way out, a reporter asked Clark, 'You're supposed to be an outsider … Why are you here with all these insiders?' The General joked: 'I'm an insider, I'm an outsider, I defy labels, OK? I never fit very well in any kind of a label and I don't fit in that one.'"

"The Clark campaign confirmed The General's stop Tuesday afternoon at AFSCME's headquarters in D.C. to meet with union president Gerald McEntee. The campaign would not comment on details from the meeting, but they did say that there was no formal endorsement. Note: AFSCME was the first union to endorse Bill Clinton, coming out for the Arkansas Governor in December of 1991."

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