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"A boisterous portion of the hometown crowd of 15,000 puck-crazy fans booed as Senator Kerry took the ice. Though, if comparative receptions are any indication of the crowd's party allegiance, the hearty booing of activist actor Tim Robbins may shed some light on the subject."

"The crowd and announcers did seem to give Kerry a little something for the effort; at one point, Kerry attempted to feed the puck out front but none of his teammates were there to take the pass. ABC Sports/ESPN anchor John Saunders quipped, 'Kerry passes out front, there's nobody there … kind of like when Joe Lieberman gives a speech.'"

"At a post-game press conference, Leary urged people to vote for candidates who support firefighters and increased funding for all first responders. Robbins agreed, though neither entertainer pointed to the man to their left as the answer. Kerry, who has received the endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters, committed to restoring full funding, delivering his usual line, "If we can open fire houses in Baghdad, we can keep them open in New York and Boston and everywhere else."

"Of his performance, Kerry asked, "Can anybody take me home?" Sounding very much like a hockey player, he later added, "I just couldn't find the net."


Fox News has a transcript from Edwards' appearance on Fox News Sunday, including his comments calling into question Clark's "regard for individual privacy rights" given the General's "involvement with the database-management company Acxiom Corporation." LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

"Friday morning Senator Edwards attended a breakfast fundraiser at the law firm of Brown, Rudnick Berlack Israels in Providence, Rhode Island. The audience was a mixed bag of Providence professionals. Suggested contribution: $250.00. According to members of the host committee over 100 RSVPs came in with checks attached, actual attendees numbered around 70 including former Rep. Bob Weygand."

"As for South Carolina, it's simple, according to South Carolina state senator Robert Ford. 'We're going to win so big in South Carolina it means the rest of the south is going to follow suit, which means we'll get the nomination. Then all we have to do is win California.'"

"On fundraising, the Edwards campaign says this third quarter will be their lowest yet. They attribute the low third quarter number to the difficulty of raising funds in the summer but more importantly, to their strategy that this third quarter has been one of introduction and in the fourth quarter people will actually get to know Edwards. They say they have never focused on the raising money on the internet. They raise cash by putting John Edwards out in front of people and that is what they will continue to do going into the fourth quarter."


From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

"The countdown ticker and the pop-up window on the Joe2004 Web site say it all. The focus for Senator Lieberman in the next two days is money. He will spend the time fundraising in Connecticut and New York, states that are sources of his greatest financial support."

"With such a wide field of candidates fundraising has been difficult, despite Lieberman's name recognition and high status in national polls. If Lieberman takes in the expected $4 million this quarter, he will have made in three quarters what Howard Dean has made so far since July."

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