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"From the breakfast it was on to a town hall meeting at a community college followed by a panel discussion at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual Center in the Castro (requisite for Democratic candidates making a stop in San Francisco) where Kucinich reiterated his support for gay marriage and an open policy for gays in the military. But by far the most Kucinichian event of the day was his participation Saturday night in the 'Representin'' panel of hip hop and youth personalities at an Oakland community theater. Panelists included local rapper G-Stack, Asian rapper Shingo 2 and a Native American activist wearing turquoise sweatpants and a bumper sticker showing the Cleveland Indians mascot with a strike through it proclaiming 'No red sambos, racism is racism.'"

"After a radio interview in Berkeley Sunday morning Kucinich attended a yoga convention in Los Angeles, a vegan festival in Van Nuys and spoke at a peace rally in Hollywood just outside the Kodak theater. Two fundraisers at private homes in Santa Monica and La Verne followed, where he gave short speeches and took questions, followed by staffers imploring attendees to contribute 'till it hurts.'"

"Two themes that kept being raised over the weekend: his supporters' disgust with the Democratic party, whom they feel has sold out its liberal roots by getting in bed with corporations, and his electability. On the first Kucinich says, 'Sometimes in the Democratic Party I feel like I'm doing missionary work. Right now we just have one party, the Demublicans, which is why a Democrat who challenges that has a very big constituency … .I consider myself a Green Democrat. When people blame the last election on the Greens I say blame the Democrats who didn't adopt Green policies.' Kucinich is also looking into states where he can run as both a Democrat and a Green. Could his campaign take on a Nader-esque spoiler quality for the nominee? Unlikely since it took him so long to get in the good graces with the party, he's unlikely to ruin his relationships in the Congress, but a Green party line would give him a big boost if he could pull it off in some states."


From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

"On Friday, the New York Daily News reported that Sharpton has serious intentions of using the political might he hopes to gain from his candidacy to oust Mayor Bloomberg." LINK

"Bloomberg's rather light-hearted reaction came along Saturday in the New York Times ." LINK

"Sharpton, after preaching at a church in Raleigh, N.C., reacted to Bloomberg's response: 'I think that everyone that is talking about running clearly said that I would have a lot of influence. I think that if I was Bloomberg, I'd respond the same way — try to whistle my way through the political cemetery, so to speak.' When asked if he was thinking of running for mayor (assuming he doesn't get the nomination, of course), Sharpton said, 'No, I would not run for mayor. I'm talking about supporting someone else. I rule that out — definitively I will not be running for mayor.'"

"Sharpton was absent from the CBC's gala on Saturday night, as he spoke in Wendell, N.C., at the local NAACP chapter's 59th Anniversary. He did however, have some mighty strong words for those candidates who did attend the gala. 'They're trying to practice how to eat soul food and look black for the night.'"

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