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The Washington Post 's Kurtz reports that Americans don't like "gotcha" reporting anymore; at least that's what Joe Trippi thinks. LINK

And Kurtz also thinks things are pretty boring right now with these presidential hopefuls. LINK

"Organized labor has yet to organize when it comes to choosing a Democrat to challenge President Bush. Late entrant Wesley Clark is shaking up the process even further, with some key unions delaying endorsement plans to see if he energizes voters," the AP's Leigh Strope reports.

AFSCME, the AFT, SEIU and IBEW are all contemplating delays in their endorsement decisions. LINK

Hall and Oates, Peaches and Cream, Clark and Dean? Salon on the cordial relations between the Dean and Clark movements, with a slight emphasis on Clark as the more electable of the duo. LINK

And yes, you gotta check out the accompanying art: LINK

Gephardt and Kerry versus Dean on Medicare and consistency:

Howard Dean did a sit-down with the Associated Press on Friday and the resulting Fournier write-up filled with classic Dean moments was immediately labeled a must read by the Googling monkeys working the weekend shift.

So The Note was minding its own business Saturday morning, monitoring Arnold and Clark in New Hampshire, when our inboxes started to fill to bursting with missives from campaign staffers who were enjoying Fournier with their morning coffee mugs in one hand and Blackberries in the other.

Beyond the now familiar Elmo/Jordan tag team attack on Dean's doctorly fondness for the Medicare program, the Kerry camp took delight in picking through each Dean utterance, spending the next hours spamming the pack with their commentary on line after line — one by one — slicing and dicing the alleged waffles and displaying their indignity throughout the afternoon.

We always love to hear from you, and your research teams, but the monkeys — well, they prefer to get this stuff all at once.

Per the AP, "The Howard Dean-Dick Gephardt feud intensified after the two men appeared on the Sunday talk shows, and Gephardt repeated his claim likening Dean's views to those of Democratic nemesis Newt Gingrich." LINK

"The comparison drew a sharp rebuke from Dean."

"'I'm not going to put up with that,' the former Vermont governor said on CBS' 'Face the Nation.' 'I'm just simply not going to take any guff from Washington Democrats who are part of the problem and not part of the solution.'"

The Boston Globe reports the latest in this "feud." LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont writes, "The dispute over Medicare [ … ] demonstrates the competition for support from senior citizens in Iowa … ." LINK

More: "Dean said [Gephardt's] attack is a dirty political trick aimed at cutting into his lead in Iowa. Recent polls show Gephardt running second to Dean."

And here's your Newt moment of the day: "'In 1995, Governor Dean was with Gingrich, and I was with Bill Clinton,' Gephardt said Sunday by telephone from Hampton, N.H., where he was campaigning."

Edwards versus Clark on the profit motive:

In his very well-done town meeting Friday night in New Hampshire (Thank you, Brian Lamb.), Clark talked fleetingly about his work after leaving the Pentagon on behalf of companies seeking government contracts.

General Wesley Clark's time out of the Pentagon and in the private sector is stirring criticism from his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Wall Street Journal 's Sara Schaefer reports.

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