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"(The AP's Theimer says it may be around $16 million:" LINK

"Also today: some 480-odd Texans for Dean will saddle up and head to Iowa and New Hampshire for a weekend of door-to-door canvassing." LINK

"Texas state coordinator Glen Maxey told ABC News last week that convincing that many people to give up a weekend, sleep in a stranger's bed, and show the flag for Dean was 'easy.'"

"'We just sent an e-mail around and asked, 'who wants to go to Iowa [and New Hampshire],' he said." Gephardt:

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont reports that the Laborers' International Union of North America's endorsement "moves Gephardt closer than any other candidate to the backing" of the AFL-CIO. LINK


The Raleigh News and Observer's John Wagner reports on the new internal poll showing Edwards "has a 10-point lead" in South Carolina at 23 percent followed by Clark at 13 percent. LINK

Edwards skipped 90% of all Senate roll-call votes this past month, though his attendance record is better than the other three senators running for the Democratic nomination. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

"The Edwards camp has tapped John Kraus to serve as state director for Wisconsin. Kraus was the communications director for Gore/Lieberman 2000 and Attorney General Jim Doyle's successful gubernatorial race in 2002."

"Edwards endorsed the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride: More than 1,000 people are traveling to Washington from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Miami and Boston to raise awareness of the plight of undocumented immigrant workers. The event is modeled after the 1961 Civil Rights freedom rides. As part of his education platform Edwards would allow states to charge immigrant students in-state tuition at public colleges. His platform also includes reforming the immigration system so 'there is a clear road map to legalization and citizenship for immigrants who work hard and follow the law' and cleaning up the backlog of immigrations cases at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. "


The New York Post reports that Lieberman "continues to lead the pack" in New York, but Dean is "gaining ground," according to a Marist College poll. LINK


From ABC News' Graham reporter Tarana Harris:

"Campaign aides say Graham knows all he needs to know, so debate prep will focus on delivery." "The closest Graham has come to attacking other candidates is to say that they gave President Bush a blank check by voting for the war resolution, and that they do not have a comprehensive economic plan. Expect Graham to focus on his pill for the economy. Graham's 'Opportunity for All' plan calls for improving America's infrastructure, creating a new millionaire's tax bracket at 40 percent, and balancing the budget in five years."

"Spokesman Mo Elleithee concedes that it's hard to stand out among so many candidates. Graham, therefore, will need to turn on a little Florida sunshine. He'll emphasize that as governor he created 1.4 million jobs in Florida and balanced the state's budget."

California recall, the "Super Bowl" of debates:

At last night's California gubernatorial debate, the candidates largely stayed on message, lobbed a few verbal grenades at one another, and generally made no news.

Here are some of the reviews: The Los Angeles Times: LINK

The New York Times : LINK

The Washington Post : LINK

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