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"'It would absolutely guarantee that (Democratic Lt. Gov.) Cruz Bustamante will be the governor, even though a majority of voters are asking for a no-tax solution' to California's budget problems, Issa told a lunchtime meeting of the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco."

More Wildermuth: "'Since Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only viable anti-tax candidate on the ballot,' said Todd Harris, a spokesman for the actor, 'my guess is that this was Congressman Issa's nice way of putting pressure on Senator McClintock to avoid turning Sacramento over to Cruz Bustamante.'"

"Issa said that McClintock, a strong conservative, has admitted to him that it was unlikely he could win a one-on-one race for governor."

"'It's incumbent for the one who can't get to a majority to drop out,' Issa said. 'If Tom is still in the same position, with about half of what Arnold has, he's the one who will have to make the hard decision.'"

The Los Angeles Times recall Notebook also has the Issa stuff. The Notebook also includes a little tidbit about what might come out of Thursday's Republican County Chairmen meeting concerning an endorsement. Although, the chairmen might choose to endorse, there will be no meeting of the California Republican Party's board to consider such an endorsement. LINK

Former California GOP chairman Shawn Steel has sent out a letter to the county chairmen urging them to endorse Schwarzenegger and not so subtly hitting that it is time for Mr. McClintock to step aside.

"The County Chairs are among the few elected Members of the California Republican Party. You have special standing. When you talk the Party and Republicans will listen. This Thursday you will consider endorsing a candidate for Governor. This is important business."

California recall, Arnold:

The thing about negative (or as Sean Walsh would say, "stating the facts") advertising … it usually works. Arnold Schwarzenegger's poll numbers have been somewhat stagnant of late, so his strategists decided the warm fuzzy Arnold ads might not be enough. The Finnegan/Barabak Los Angeles Times powerhouse produce a must-read on the new Schwarzenegger strategy and get an unnamed GOP strategist to do the all or nothing thing. LINK

"'It's a major, major risk,' one GOP strategist said. 'The campaign either hits a home run with this or they get clobbered.'"

ABC News' Schifrin reports: The ad features bytes from people (presented as normal California voters) attacking Governor Gray Davis on his fiscal management; his support of SB 60, a law that will allow undocumented immigrants to receive California drivers licenses; and California's high energy bills. The man who criticizes Davis on the energy bills says Davis is "not competent to do the job."

The spot is 30 seconds long and costs $1 million per week to air in all markets.

The Davis campaign pounced on the ad in a statement released this afternoon, saying Arnold was flip-flopping on his pledge not to campaign negatively.

Dion Nissenbaum leads his Arnold ads story thusly: LINK

"Despite repeated assurances that he would run a positive campaign, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday became the first candidate in the recall race to hit the airwaves with negative ads — a move that is likely trigger a flood of scathing commercials over the next two weeks."

Here's the Los Angeles Times ad watch: LINK

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