The Note

Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—9:00 am: Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun formally announces her presidential candidacy at Howard University, D.C.

—9:45 am: Off-camera White House press gaggle with Scott McClellan —11:00 am: Representative Bill Janklow holds a news conference, Sioux Falls, S.D.

—11:30 am: Representative Dick Gephardt delivers an agricultural policy speech, Prole, Iowa —12:00 pm: House convenes for a pro forma session

—12:15 pm: Vice President Cheney makes remarks at a Bush-Cheney 2004 luncheon fundraiser, Hartford, Conn.

—12:25 pm: Senator John Kerry addresses the Detroit Economic Club, Detroit

—1:00 pm: Governor Gray Davis holds a joint press conference with Washington Governor Gary Locke and Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski (via statement) to announce the formation of a tri-state coordinated strategy to reduce greenhouse emissions and fight global warming, Los Angeles

—2:00 pm: Ambassador Moseley Braun formally announces her presidential candidacy at Benedict College, Columbia, S.C.

—2:00 pm: President Bush tours the Temporary Virginia Emergency Operations Center and receives a briefing on hurricane damage at the Virginia State Police Academy, Richmond, Va.

—2:00 pm: Senate convenes for legislative business

—2:15 pm: National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice gives a briefing on the President's Tuesday trip to the United Nations, White House

—4:00 pm: Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals holds an en banc hearing regarding the decision to delay the recall, San Francisco —4:30 pm: Maria Shriver tours the Bring Me a Book Foundation and addresses the media, Mountainview, Calif. —5:00 pm: Senator Joe Lieberman and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante visit an English as a second language class and hold a media availability, San Francisco

—6:00 pm: State Senator Tom McClintock attends an anti-car tax rally, Los Angeles —8:00 pm: Representative Dennis Kucinich takes part in a town hall meeting, Annapolis, Md. —8:00 pm: Ambassador Moseley Braun formally announces her presidential candidacy at the University of Illinois, Chicago —8:00 pm: FOX airs Brit Hume's interview with President Bush on the eve of his address to the United Nations

—8:00 pm: At least 90 California gubernatorial candidates are expected to be studio guests for the taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Burbank

—8:30 pm: General Wesley Clark attends a campaign fundraiser, New York City


Dear General Clark:

Welcome (back) to New York.

We read a lot about you over the weekend, including that you resisted Gert's entreaty to make list of the pros and cons before you got into the race.

We are big admirers of yours, but we think an assessment along those lines just might make sense about now.

You arrive in Manhattan at a fabulous time for you (what with the Newsweek putting you on the cover, with their poll showing you — within the MoE, we must point out — first in the Democratic horserace, and the strongest against President Bush) and a decent amount of momentum hanging around from last week's launch.

You've had quite a week of media coverage — the whys and hows helpfully explained over the weekend by the Boston Globe 's punchy Mark Jurkowitz which we recommend to you. LINK

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