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Then the Avalon abruptly was returned to its rightful owners, and the Dean crowd was summarily ejected onto the New York streets, albeit with time remaining for dinner and a movie.


On Sunday, The Boston Globe 's Brian Mooney called Chrissy Gephardt the "secret weapon" of her father's campaign. LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jo Mannies writes, "Although Gephardt has gotten good reviews on some of his speeches and debate performances, his status as a 'top tier' hopeful likely hinges on his Oct. 15 report. It must show stronger fund-raising numbers than his lackluster reports in July and April." LINK


During his appearance on "Face the Nation" Senator Edwards dismissed the significance of Newsweek's poll showing Clark in the lead. LINK

The Raleigh News and Observer's John Wagner give the post-game report on Edwards' appearance on Face. LINK

The Des Moines Register 's Philip Brasher takes a look at the state of Edwards' boyhood town, Robbins, and the state of his candidacy. LINK

Brasher also reports that "some doctors and insurance officials in the Democratic presidential candidate's home state of North Carolina say that Edwards, a wildly successful trial lawyer before getting into politics, is part of the [health insurance cost] problem." LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:


Senator John Edwards: 'Hi, I'm John Edwards.'"

Bruncher on the spot: 'Huh?' Pause. 'Oh yeah, I've heard your name.'"

"That's as good as it got for Edwards during his brief stop in San Francisco's Castro District on behalf of Gov. Davis. The location was notable in that it highlighted Edwards' position on gay marriage, civil union and adoption: against gay marriage, for civil unions, partner benefits and adoption. Edwards' young children, Emma Claire and Jack Atticus, play at the same park in D.C. as those of a gay couple. Knowing that couple, he says, has inspired him as a parent and influenced his stance on the issue of gay adoption. Still, Davis' recent bill for gay rights 'is not the type of legislation [he] would support,' said spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri. 'It's a divisive issue in North Carolina.' It is also an issue Edwards left out of his handy platform Cliff Notes, 'Real Solutions for America — America Works Best When It Works For All Of Us.'"


The Florida papers continue to rough up Senator Graham's candidacy, with Tampa Tribune columnist Daniel Ruth Noting that "the more marginalized Graham begins to appear nationally, the less attractive he becomes as a possible running mate." LINK


Facing only one questions about the Iraq war, Lieberman accused Bush of breaking his pledge to unite the nation while addressing Harkin's "Hear it from the Heartland" forum in Cedar Rapids, the AP's Mike Glover reports. LINK


Pindell reports that Kucinich's New Hampshire staff has resigned, replaced by staff from the national headquarters. LINK

Meanwhile, Kucinich was greeted with cheers in New Hampshire when he touted his role in two presidential debates as "the single voice saying it is time for the U.N. to go into Iraq and the U.S. to get out," the Manchester Union Leader reports. LINK

Congressman Kucinich "chastised his rivals for sidestepping questions about whether they support Bush's request for $87 billion for postwar Iraq," the AP's Holly Ramer reports. LINK

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