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Some days over the next few weeks, you are probably going to be glad you get overshadowed: by Carol Mosley Braun's presidential announcement today (just kidding); by the rarish televised federal court of appeals hearing in the California recall today; by the president's United Nations speech tomorrow; by Wednesday's California gubernatorial debate and ABC News' Taste of the Campaign party; by Howard Dean's unbelievable fundraising number released at a place and time of Joe Trippi's choosing; and by every Hillbilly burp and flex.

In fact, we aren't sure how Gert feels about the Clintons, or, really, how you feel about them, but we sense a wee bit o' danger from how the Gang of 500 views you vis-a-vis your fellow Arkansan(s).

Bill Safire's perf on "Meet" yesterday, and his column this morning, probably make you want to punch him in the nose, with its supposition that you are somehow only a creature of the Clintons. LINK

Anyway, it turns out the Clintons live in New York now, and the salons you will enter tonight for your fundraisers after your trip to South Carolina, will be filled with people who love the Clintons, haven't really been turned on by any members of the Gang of 9, and are enjoying the Bush-Cheney-Evans economic uptick enough to write you checks.

And, lucky for you, most of them skip the Saturday tabloids, so they didn't read the hammering you got for your "I was opposed to the war … I wouldn't have voted for the war resolution … I was against the war" storyline. LINK and LINK

Of course, they also missed Saturday's New York Post editorial trashing you, which would have made them like you more. LINK

Ditto Sunday's Union Leader/New Hampshire Sunday News effort. LINK

However, we ARE dealing with sophisticated readers here, General, and all those mass e-mails going out meant to build crowds of supporters for today's three events might not get quite the reaction they otherwise would have if people read the papers closely ("Please pass this along to ALL your interested friends. We need to raise money NOW. We know this is short notice. Have them cancel their plans. Have them bring their friends. What are they doing on Monday night anyway?").

Because close reading of the papers would have allowed people to notice that, by the sheerest of coincidences, references to the exact same year-old wire story appeared in the later editions of yesterday's New York Times and today's Washington Post , adding another data point (as Dr. Rice would say) to the history of your position on the war.

It turns out that when you were campaigning for Katrina Swett in New Hampshire last October, you were pretty clear (well, clear for you on this stuff!) about your views of how to vote:

"Retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark said Wednesday he supports a congressional resolution that would give President Bush authority to use military force against Iraq, although he has reservations about the country's move toward war."

"Clark, who led the allied NATO forces in the Kosovo conflict, endorsed Democrat Katrina Swett in the 2nd District race."

"He said if she were in Congress this week, he would advise her to vote for the resolution, but only after vigorous debate."

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