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Ambassador Moseley Braun formally announces her presidential candidacy today in D.C., South Carolina, and Chicago. She is scheduled to be in New York City for the debate on Thursday, and is also scheduled to attend the Congressional Black Caucus' legislative conference in D.C. this week.

Senator Kerry addresses the Detroit Economic Club today. He's in New York City on Thursday for the debate. He's scheduled to campaign in Iowa over the weekend with Senator Kennedy.

Senator Lieberman is in California today, where he will visit an English as a Second Language class facility in San Francisco with Lieutenant Governor Bustamante. He campaigns in southern California tomorrow including a scheduled event with Governor Davis. He's in D.C. on Wednesday for a reception at Mark Penn's house and in New York City on Thursday for the debate.

Congressman Gephardt is in Iowa today and tomorrow. He'll make an agricultural policy speech this morning at Clara Bell's farm in Prole. Tomorrow, he will go to a reception in Davenport and the National Agricultural Summit in Cedar Rapids.

Congressman Kucinich will be the keynote speaker at a town hall meeting tonight in Annapolis, Maryland. He participates in a town hall meeting at the Tibet House in New York City on Tuesday. He campaigns in New Hampshire on Wednesday. He's in New York City for the debate on Thursday.

Senator Edwards is in Chicago today but has no public events scheduled. He campaigns in Oklahoma on Tuesday. He's in New York City for the debate on Thursday. He'll campaign in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday.

Governor Dean has no public events scheduled for today. He attends a rally in Copley Square in Boston on Tuesday. He will be in New York City on Thursday for the debate. He campaigns in Iowa over the weekend.

Senator Graham has no public events scheduled for today. He has fundraisers in D.C. on Tuesday and some more in New York City on Wednesday. He'll stay in Gotham on Thursday for the debate.

Reverend Sharpton has no public events announced for the week yet other than attending the debate in New York City on Thursday.

Administration officials will be on the Hill all week talking to members about the president's Iraq/Afghanistan funding request. (Please see entry "National Security, Politics of")

In the recall:

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hold an en banc hearing in San Francisco today regarding the decision to delay the recall. They could rule from the bench, but most expect them to rule in a day or so.

Today is the deadline for Californians to register to be eligible to vote in the recall.

The California Broadcasters Association sponsors a debate for gubernatorial candidates (including a certain former Mr. Universe) on Wednesday.

Davis will hold a joint press conference in Los Angeles with Washington Governor Gary Locke and Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski to announce the formation of a tri-state coordinated strategy to reduce greenhouse emissions and fight global warming. As mentioned above, he campaigns with Senator Lieberman on Tuesday.

As mentioned above, Bustamante tours an English as a second language class with Senator Lieberman in San Francisco today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger attends private fundraisers in Atherton today. He holds an "Ask Arnold" forum in Sacramento on Tuesday . He will attend the California Broadcasters Association debate on Wednesday.

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