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Emmy scorecard: Dean shown in clip from Larry King trying to smile; mention of Hadassah Lieberman; Kristen Gore SNL nomination announced. It wasn't clear to us if Eli Attie was on the stage during the (boring/anti-climatic) Sorkin speech. And we are definitely ready for "Governor Joey" in the Golden State …


Kerry accused the Bush administration of "selling out traditional conservative Republicans in favor of an extreme right-wing agenda," the Manchester Union Leader reports. LINK

From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe on Kerry's "one-day, three-stop tear through southwestern New Hampshire."

"Throughout the day, the often scripted candidate seemed to be playing with his material, slightly adjusting and tweaking according to the previous crowd's questions and, more importantly, their reaction to his answers. But, one theme dominated: experience."

"To wit, Kerry at his first event this morning at Keene State College:"

"Fairly standard stump on foreign policy with a new kicker: 'You have to judge people on their record. What they've done. The road already traveled is prologue to the road yet to be traveled.'"

"Then, the candidate in the sultry Dusty's Diner of Claremont:"

"On the environment: 'I have the strongest, longest, broadest record of involvement with environmental issues than any of the other candidates.'"

"Again, on foreign policy: 'Again, unlike most of the candidates in this field, I have spent a lifetime of experience in studying how to make America safer.'"

"Campaign Finance: 'No other candidate has voluntarily given up PAC money, special interest money … if you go back over my Senate career I believe I've stood against the current.'"

"And, post-tweaking, it all comes together at the third event at New England College in Henniker:"

"Taking aim at Clark and Dean: 'I have the deepest, longest record of any of the candidates. Sure, one has been at the executive level of government. Sure, one has been in the military. But, I've done all of those things. The road traveled is prologue to the road to be traveled.'"


Dean and McGreevey talked infrastructure on Sunday. LINK

During a stop in Berlin, New Hampshire, Dean promised to head to Europe as president-elect to try to improve relations with foreign leaders. LINK

Yesterday the Boston Globe ran part one of their Howard Dean profile. LINK

The Boston Globe skims the surface of Dean's Vietnam back deferment in a sidebar to part one. LINK

In part two of the Boston Globe 's Howard Dean profile, Sarah Schweitzer and Tatsha Robertson report, "Of the four Dean boys, Charlie was supposed to be the politician." LINK

Today's chapter details the medical school years and the early interest in politics.

The Washington Post 's Lois Romano takes one of the most-nuanced views yet of how Dean's decentralized campaign operates — a must-read for those of you who haven't focused yet on what makes deanforamerica run. LINK

And Karen Hicks can have a nice laugh at Tom Rath's skepticism of the loyalty and stick-to-itness of Dean supporters.

Newt Gingrich agrees with Howard Dean (and disagrees with Dick Gephardt) in the whole "cut-versus-restraining-the-rate-of-growth debate, per Sunday's New York Times . LINK

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

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