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"Ron Klain will be out in Little Rock heading these meetings. In the next week there will be more organization: as of now, their headquarters has no copying machine and no e-mail."

"They are looking at real estate in Little Rock at the 'train station' --an old, converted train station turned office building."

"As for staffing, that will possibly be finalized more this weekend. For now, Mary Jacoby will probably be the traveling press secretary, Mark Fabiani will contribute, but may not play as big a role in the campaign as has been suggested."

The Democrat Gazette says this:

"About a dozen manila envelopes taped to the wall and the door outside Clark's private office Thursday provided a rundown of some of Clark's key operatives."

"The names on the envelopes, meant to hold message slips, included Eli Segal, who provided much of the brainpower behind Clinton's 1992 race and later was responsible for the legislation that created AmeriCorps; Little Rock Democratic activist Skip Rutherford; Ron Klain, a former top aide to former Vice President Al Gore; Mark Fabiani and Mary Jacobson, who are expected to supervise relations with the national news media; and former Clinton aides Donnie Fowler, Josh Lerner and Vanessa Weaver."

The Associated Press shows another manifestation of Clarkmania by putting this inside baseball on the wire:

"Mark Fabiani, strategist for Clark, said that Kym Spell, former New Hampshire press secretary for John Kerry, is joining the Clark press office in Arkansas. Jordan said Spell, who quit the Kerry campaign this week, denied she was going to work for Clark but was nonetheless given five minutes to clean out her office. Spell, who was deputy communications director for Gore's 2000 campaign, could not be reached for comment."

"Spell's departure comes one week after Kerry communications director Chris Lehane resigned. Lehane is Fabiani's longtime business associate, but said he is focused on his consulting business in California."

Pindell seems to have fallen under a Spell. LINK

Clark, the man:

Per the Los Angeles Times story:

"On a more personal note, Clark answered questions about his travel habits. He uses a Blackberry for e-mail messages and uses two cell phones; he packs with plastic wrap around each article of clothing to prevent wrinkles."

"And, as a newsmagazine photographer captured the moment, he lobbed his own luggage into the back of his traveling van."

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary: Jules Witcover looks at the Iowa expectations game. LINK


Salon poses the age-old political reporter query, "Can John Kerry turn it around?" LINK

Among the reasons for this headline season:

1) Clark's candidacy means Kerry can no longer say he's the only guy with military bona fides.

2) The media (suppose that's us) wants a two-horse race, and Dean vs. Clark looks like the most exciting exacta on which to wager.

3) "Squabbling" among "talented-but-top-heavy" Kerry staff and more expected staff changes up ahead. (NOTE that Salon Notes the possibility of John Sasso or John Marttila entering one rung above Jim Jordan.)

4) Appearances at high-profile Democratic events that have been widely viewed as lackluster, not just by we-the-piling-on-media but also by Democratic faithful, including labor folks.

5) What Salon nicely labels, "The complexity of Kerry's message, and the lack of agreement among his advisers and staff about what it is"

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