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On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times' Brownstein looked at national conservative groups — and Rush Limbaugh — taking a second look Schwarzenegger's candidacy after doubting its conservative credentials. LINK

This weekend, the Los Angeles Times' Marla Dickerson produced a must-read discussing how California's economy (as opposed to its budget) isn't so bad and how the rhetoric from Schwarzenegger and many other candidates about the terrible statewide job situation can somewhat, although not entirely, misleading. (If some of this article sounds similar to Krugman's Friday column, you're right.) LINK

The San Jose Mercury News' Nissenbaum turns in his version of Arnold History, 101. LINK

California recall, the Democrats:

Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas, Mark Z. Barabak and Richard Fausset on Governor Davis' appearance yesterday on CNN's Late Edition, where he stopped short of endorsing Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Robert Salladay reports on the Los Angeles Times' poll and the notion that Democrats are starting to get motivated to oppose the recall and support Bustamante. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' George Skelton calls Bustamante's story the American Dream. LINK

The AP's Werner writes, "California's politically powerful Indian tribes are poised to play a key role in the campaign to recall Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, and they have much to gain from the outcome." LINK

The San Jose Mercury News' Barry Witt on the true wildcard of the recall election: turnout. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Matea Gold looks at the candidates' differing views on social issues. LINK

California recall, the Governor:

The San Jose Mercury News' Barry Witt on the different kind of campaign (read: not negative) Gray Davis needs to run. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Matier and Ross report on the growing list of judicial wannabes who are lining up for possible midnight appointments if Davis is recalled. LINK

California recall, the rest of the field:

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times' Sue Fox and Mark Z. Barabak Noted that while Simon's announcement changed the face of the recall race, it wasn't immediately clear who would benefit the most. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci gets inside the mind of GOP pollster Frank Luntz to focus on focus groups. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Salladay profiles Arianna Huffington and points out that her "current problem is that she hasn't stopped talking or writing about politics for more than a decade, which means there is a huge body of work that can be compared to her political platform." LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Charlie Goodyear reports on Reverend Al Sharpton's visit to Oakland on Sunday, where he called Schwarzenegger "Pete Wilson with muscles" during a sermon. LINK

The Washington Post 's talented Hank Stuever spent some time with Gary Coleman on Sunday. LINK

The San Jose Mercury News' Patrick May on Jay Leno's offer to host all 135 gubernatorial candidates on the ballot — in the audience. LINK

We particularly liked the "stick it up his monologue" paraphrase.

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