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"Davis, in Anaheim to speak to the California School Employees Assn. annual convention, expressed 'wonderment' over the frenzied activity of the last few days."

"'People are parachuting in, people are parachuting out. People are changing their mind almost hourly,' he said."

"The governor refrained from talking about his opponents, saying he wouldn't engage in any 'back and forth' until the field was set Saturday."

"Even when the candidates are known, he said, he'll focus on urging voters to defeat the recall instead of attacking candidates. 'I'm not a slasher and burner,' he said. 'Everyone thinks my team is, but I'm a nice guy.'"

(The Note pauses while you all ponder that one.)

The non-vacationing David Doak does his best "glass is half full" work in several papers.

"'If you go back two weeks and look where we were and compare it to where we are now, we're not in bad shape,' said David Doak, the governor's media strategist. "'We were worried, number one, about Dianne Feinstein. She was the only Democrat well-known enough and popular enough that she could've caused people to vote no on Davis just to get her in. Now she's out."

"Mr. Davis and his supporters were also dealt a sweeping legal setback late in the day, when the State Supreme Court refused to intervene in the recall. The seven-member court rejected five legal challenges, including one filed by Mr. Davis on Monday that would have delayed the vote until March and would have let him run as a possible successor to himself," the New York Times reports. LINK

The anti-recall effort's success depends in part on whether organized labor in California gets their members to vote against Question 1.

The California Federation of Labor, which last week voted to marshal their considerable political resources behind Governor Davis, has released a somewhat equivocal statement. It strongly condemns the recall effort, but does NOT take Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to task for entering the race.

The House of Labor, it would appear is, if not a House divided, at least a House of soft Waffles.

From Art Pulaski, its president: "Last week, after thoughtful deliberation, our executive council — representing over two million union members — reached consensus about organized labor's position on the recall. We unanimously decided to discourage this expensive and destabilizing recall, and we unanimously

decided to discourage all candidates from entering the race."

"We are confident that the voters who show up at the polls to support Cruz Bustamante will also vote against the recall, because they know that right-wing sponsors of the recall are really trying to recall paid family leave, overtime pay, a woman's right to choose, and environmental protection. And we are confident that Cruz Bustamante will urge his supporters to vote against the recall."

The federation — the umbrella group for most California unions — still plans to use its political resources to defeat Question 1, according to a senior member of the staff there.

But, as the statement indicates, whether the tenor of that support is directed to help Governor Davis — or whether it impersonally decries the recall — remains to be seen.

On background, another California labor operative says that on the 26h of this month the state federation will convene a massive anti-recall convention and rally in Los Angeles.

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