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5. The Washington Post 's David Broder pays homage to Jonathan Rauch's recent comparison of President Bush to President Roosevelt in National Journal. LINK ; Cursory similarities appear in the two men's press conferences, Broder writes. "In both of them, self-confidence was overflowing. As a counterpuncher to criticism and as a doubt-free exponent of his own beliefs, the current president is right up there with the inventor of the New Deal."


Two editorials on Karl Rove: the WSJ bashes him on steel tariffs; the New York Times , on water policy; he's named in both headlines. LINK

That rare interview with Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean, in the Los Angeles Times. LINK

If Wesley Clark doesn't get into the presidential contest, it won't be for the lack of trying by his supporters. The Washington Post 's Ann Gerhart paints a pitch-perfect portrait (sound and sight) of Monday night's Draft Wesley Clark MeetUp event at Stetson's. LINK

The New York Times on Hispanics' optimism. LINK The AP reports that Senator Lieberman announced Tuesday that Brian Hardwick, former national political director for Senator Daschle, will serve as a deputy campaign director. LINK

Taking another page out of the Clinton 1992 playbook, Senator Edwards has prepared a book of policy proposals called "Real Solutions for America." The 60-page book "will be distributed at campaign events in New Hampshire Wednesday and will also be available on Edwards' campaign web site," reports John Wagner of the News & Observer. LINK

Keying off Al Gore's plans to deliver a "major speech" on Iraq to a liberal activist group in New York tomorrow, the Washington Times ' James Lackley writes up speculation that the former vice president plans to "re-enter the race for the Democratic nomination for president." LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer writes up Jerry's big announcement. LINK

In recall news:

-- Feinstein says she's out.

-- Schwarzenegger will announce once and for all whether he's in or out — on the Tonight Show, but possibly before.

-- Republican operatives have outlined a strategy to oust Davis and help Bush in California.

-- Arianna Huffington is expected to say she's running — she'll announce today at 1:30 pm ET.

-- Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D) is calling herself the "draft candidate."

Vice President Cheney goes to two fundraisers today. Both are open to the press. The first is in Sacramento, where he will not declare his candidacy for governor. The second is in Billings, Montana.

Senators Edwards and Kerry are in New Hampshire today. Edwards will hold a couple of town hall meetings and speak to teachers at an NEA summer conference. Kerry holds one of his "Fresh Air" forums in Manchester.

The Graham Family Vacation begins today in Des Moines. The Note wonders who will have to sit in the middle of the back seat when they go the Iowa State Fair Parade.

Congressman Kucinich, Senator Lieberman, Governor Dean and Reverend Sharpton all campaign in Iowa today too.

Kucinich speaks at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall in Des Moines and then heads to the fairgrounds for the parade. He'll also hold a post-parade rally with supporters.

Senator Lieberman holds a couple of receptions and a roundtable discussion with manufacturing leaders in Ankeny, Iowa.

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